Shoulder to Shoulder 1 – Feb 2014

Catch this

Its amazing. We have SO much support locally – at least 50 local volunteers to help get the Shed running early in the Spring including a retired boat builder, a french polisher, the owner of a local building firm, an ex chief engineer, plus the support of a large local timber framed house co. They offered us all their off-cuts, their H&S expertise and most importantly storage space until we are up and running.  We’ve been given a brand new kitchen, fridge, chairs, a tea urn, 50 mugs and the list grows every day….     What an awesome thing we have started!
Kerry Millett, Broadstairs Men’s Shed

Wincanton Shed

…… says the Screwfix Foundation has helped us with renovation costs.


of the ‘two guys, two hours and two pallets’ competition at the Irish Men’s Sheds Conference.chair made from pallets

‘How do you do (it)?’

130 people attended our first ‘Meet the Shedders’ event in London on November 6th 2013. The event provided opportunities to meet people already running Sheds and find out what Sheds are and do as well as how they get started. The event was also used to publicly launch the Association on BBC local radio and the Guardian Online.


Free: £200 worth of new Triton tools for member Sheds in exchange for a written/ photographic record of a Shedder building an original product.

Free promotion on the Profile pages of our website.

Contact us at or 07757024749


The number of open Sheds doubled to 62 in 2013. If you find that exciting will you help the organising group reach more men? Please contact us for a chat about what’s to be done.

Planting Seeds

6 months after the Association’s chair, Mike Jenn, addressed a conference for Kent CC it put up £170,000 of seed money to create 12 Sheds over 2 years,
Medway Council are also putting out a tender. These are the first two public contracts for Sheds. How could this happen in your area?

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