Shoulder to Shoulder 2 – April 2014

Some Government Recognition?

The Men in Sheds project at Hartford, Cheshire was visited this month by Jane Ellison, MP and Minister for Health, who was very impressed.

Quick News

Lost Property:

Bob Haskew-Jones came back from Australia determined to start a Shed in Warrington. 30 months later he still hasn’t got a property! Tell us how you got your first Shed so we can give him and others real examples of solutions.


This will be held on June 25th at the Hugh Cubitt Centre, Kings Cross, London from 11-3.30. We will seek your nominations for the management committee.

All together!

60 people attended an event in Glasgow addressed by Prof. Barry Golding, patron of AMSA, chaired by John Evoy of IMSA and arranged by UKMSA.


If you have a website give us a link and we will add it to your details on our UK map.

Help start more Sheds

When people without a Shed visit your one please suggest they register on our website so we can connect them with others from their home area to discuss possibilities.


Have you heard the announcement of a new fund for older people? To get this kind of info get the newsletter of your local Council of Voluntary Service or equivalent or sign up for (free).

“Your Health”

A survey of 2500 Shedders by the Australian mental health charity Beyond Blue (Feb 2014) concluded that there were definite health benefits to joining a Shed. For more information go to the link.

Construction surplus

Recipro is an online exchange for construction surplus and re-usable materials. Recipro can be used to pass on leftover building supplies or to source good quality, low cost construction materials.

To join or support the Association

Click here. To mail use To phone 07757024749


Free: £200 worth of new Triton tools for member Sheds in exchange for a written/ photographic record of a Shedder building an original product.

Free promotion on the Profile pages of our website.

Contact us at or 07757024749

Australian Men's Shed Association logoIs this a familiar story?

A survey by the Australian Men’s Sheds Association highlighted the following issues for them:

  • 1/3rd of Sheds said getting funds
  • 2/3rds getting a suitable space
  • 1/2 attracting and retaining Shed members

How does that relate to your Shed? Is this where you feel you need help? Let us know. Send an email

So you’ve thought about your Shed becoming a Charity?


The route to becoming a charity is not that hard. Men in Sheds MK have just established themselves as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). This is a relatively new form of charity with the attraction that it provides protection of the offices since its an incorporated body. Men in Sheds Bedford is also looking to go down this route. If you need any help email

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