Annual General Meeting 2014

Annual General Meeting 2014

Date: Wednesday 23rd June 2014

Venue: The Hugh Cubbitt Centre, 48 Collier Street London N1 9QZ

Attendees: See Appendix (i)


The Minutes

  1. Welcome: Mike Jenn (Acting Chair) welcomed everyone who then introduced themselves.
  2. Our First Year: The organisation was formed on 15th March 2013. A written report on the year to march 31sthad been mailed out in advance (attached).  Mike said the committee had worked to the brief given at the inaugural meeting and progress had been made on most fronts including getting on the Breakfast Show and assisting the huge growth of the movement. The current committee had met monthly via teleconference and quarterly face to face. Remaining areas included building a learning network, working with Government and establishing working groups. No queries were raised.

Several people present said they had really appreciated the support they had received.

  1. The present :  (A short summary paper had been mailed out beforehand).

There are now 87 Sheds open in the UK (inc. 20 in N.I.). This has confirmed a widespread need for them and that they can develop in different ways and places. Sheds enjoy a positive image. There is a Welsh Association and a Scottish one is planned. Current work includes building Shed planning groups by introducing individuals to each other; supporting planning groups by website development, advice, networking; assisting established Sheds through information, sponsorships, special deals and networking.

Financial Report:  Peter Gallagher (acting treasurer) reported that excluding sponsorship funds that directly met the cost of the launch, the expenditure for Yr 1 was £38.31 and the income £818. The organisation did not seek funding other than sponsorship.  Steve Montagu is an independent examiner and will provide a statement of account in the near future. This will be mailed to all members.


Membership Report:  Phill Wheatley (membership Sec) reported that we had 32 member Sheds.

  1. Our Plans:

UKMSA’s plans include hiring freelance staff; holding regional ‘meet the Shedders’ events;* improving the advice on the website; strengthening both the committee and our governance.

* ‘Meet the Shedders’ is based on our launch event and aims to bring together Shedders so that they can learn from each other but also enable people new to the Shed idea to find out about them.  There will be a lead shed for each event. Funding is being sought.

  1. Issues raised from the floor:

Representation.The question of regional representation was raised by Martin Corrick questioning who those present were representing. Some form of regionalisation had been welcomed at the inaugural meeting and regional hubs had developed in the form of area coordinators in Wales, Kent, Shropshire, Lancashire and Aberdeenshire. Regional or sub regional cooperation between Sheds would be encouraged but the meeting felt that it was too soon to move towards areas electing representatives to attend any UK General Meetings.

Can we be carers?  Most or all sheds are being asked to take in people with particular difficulties to overcome by agencies who were responsible for them. Sheds aid the health and wellbeing of their members but people with ‘special needs’ can be more than volunteer-led organisations can cope with as we are likely to lack the capacity or capability. Some people e.g. stroke victims, can be helped more easily than others. Activity like this has generated funding. All members of one Shed are attending a mental health first aid course to equip them to deal with some of the individuals.We agreed each proposal needs judging individually. Sheds should ask referring agencies for a risk assessment and check the ‘vulnerable adult’ clause in their insurance policy.


Goals Ray Green, Faringdon, asked what we needed to achieve in the next 12 months and suggested we should establish our liabilities, finances, and strategic relationships. He added ‘We need a short achievable list of objectives and volunteers from across the network to implement these’.


6.Discussion and Membership.


Promotion: Sheds could target BBC regional radio as the audience is mainly older men. A Shed Film is being made by David George of Utility Films for the Community Channel.

Starter pack: Ray Green offered to put one together. Mike Jenn offered support. This was welcomed.

Sharing experience: We need to encourage Sheds to form ‘a network of learning’. Chris Lee is applying for funds to support inter-Shed learning events allied to the ‘meet the Shedders’ events.

Capacity: A Women’s Aid organisation has obtained funding to employ four p/t staff to promote Sheds in Wales. UKMSA needs further capacity but needs help to build it.   An application had gone to a trust for a part-time freelance worker and another for specialist support was due to go soon.

Membership: It was agreed that membership and fees offer a certain level of credibility and the current levels of membership fees were not changed.


Learning network: A round table of tips and experience was held over lunch. These will be reported in a newsletter.


  1. Legal Status


At the moment UKMSA is an Association which could benefit from charitable status. The proposal is to register as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, a format which combines charitable status with the protection offered by incorporation. Under this structure, the organisation only has to report to the Charities Commission (CC)rather than to Companies house as well. This legal status would

limit trustee’s liabilities and provide the association with greater legitimacy which would help with funding


increase bureaucratic commitments around annual reporting to members and to the CC.

Members present (12) voted unanimously to pursue registration as a CIO


  1. Election of the management committee

Nominations for the committee were invited by mail well in advance of the AGM. Nine nominations were received, all members of the existing steering committee.

Member Sheds have one vote each. There were 12 member sheds present.

It was proposed that all those nominated should be elected. This was passed unanimously and the following people were therefore elected to the Management Committee for the next 12 months.

AlysExley (Peabody); Jo Hobbitt (the Ecology Centre, Fife); Joe Lewandowski (Bedford); Peter Gallagher (Milton Keynes); Phill Wheatley (Nailsea); Mike Jenn (Camden Town); Steve Thrower (Cheshire Age UK); Chris Lee (The Repair Shed); Martin Gamester (Total Reuse).


  1. Co-option: The committee proposed that we increase the number of Co-options allowed under the constitution from two to six. This was agreed unanimously.


Bob Adams of Maldon Shed volunteered for co-option onto the committee. (He is an ex senior IT buyer and has been working hard to encourage engineering companies to offer discounts to shed members.  He has been involved in the shed movement for 3 years, with a specific interest in connecting with the Australian Shed Movement.) To be considered at the next committee.


10  Presentation by Steve Hewson – Global Brand Manager Triton Precision Power Tools


Steve joined us to gain a better understanding of the UKMSA and to offer support.

Triton Tools Challenge: Triton promotes practical work by offering simple building plans via their website He invites all member Sheds to send simple instructions of how to build/make something.  All he needs is: List of materials/simple instructions/photographs of the work at each stage and when finished. Triton tools will then create a final set of instructions and put them on their website. Whilst Sheds should not copy an already-published plan it is Triton’s responsibility to check on copyright etc. Sheds will receive £250 worth of Triton Tools for any plan used.Please submit plans via


Steve made two further offers on behalf of Triton.

Buying Accounts:  To set up purchasing accounts with Toolstream, Triton’s distributing arm. This company supplies over 5000 products from a range of brands.  Member Sheds would be able to order any items online at a 49% discount – equivalent to the trade discount.

‘Meet the Shedders’ events. These regional events would follow a similar pattern to the November 6thLaunch which enabled Shedders to learn from each other and for non-Shedders to learn about Sheds. Triton would meet the venue costs and some marketing costs for a number of these events.

Both offers will be clarified and responded to by the committee.


Mike Jenn

Chair, UK Men’s Sheds Association



Appendix (i) – Attendees


Name Shed
David Bulmer Torbay
Gary Payne Torbay
Patrick Abrahams Frome
Tony Wilson Shropshire
Max Mackay-James MB50
Martin Corrick Gosport
Jo Hobbett Ecology Centre
Peter Gallagher Milton Keynes
PhillWheatly Nailsea Social
Chris Lee Repair Shed
Martin Gamester Total Reuse
AlysExley Peabody
Mike Jenn Camden Town
Nick Winch Maldon
Bob Adams Maldon
Steve Clarke Bedford
John Bowskills Bedford
Andrew Pottinger Old Portsmouth
WilieGormley Newport
John Worley Havant
Ray Green Faringdon
Owen Brandley Camden Town
Joe Lewandowski Bedford
Martin Vale Maldon
Pete Stockwell Broadstairs
Phil Johns Cheltenham
Nigel Paterson Milton Keynes
Laura Gowthorpe UKMSA

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