Shoulder to Shoulder 8 – March 2015

What do you do with your hardwood left-overs, the little pieces? You could turn them into a game of ‘stones’ to see who can build the highest? Or into a Mancala set? Let us know and we’ll tell other Sheds.

A big step forward

UKMSA is currently negotiating with two large voluntary organizations which aim to further the Shed movement by hiring county or area-based shed development workers. RVS provides services for older people and has an £80m turnover, while ACRE supports 43 Rural Community Councils.

We are delighted with these developments as partnerships with larger organisations can bring professional assistance with promoting Sheds, sponsorship, buying power with the insurance industry, and other benefits. If you have worked with either organisation please let us know.

UKMSA staffing

Further funding for our administrator Patrick Abrahams now means that with other volunteered time added, UKMSA now has the equivalent of one full time staff member. Say ‘hello’ to Patrick via

A change of focus

With the emergence of the Welsh and Scottish Sheds Associations formed and a Northern Ireland one being developed, our support and development work will be concentrating more on Sheds in England. A forum will be needed for cooperation between the national associations. We are exploring whether this change of focus needs organisational changes.

Male suicide and Men’s Sheds

The number of male suicides in the UK in 2013 was three times the road death toll and greater than all the British military fatalities since WW2 says Newsweek magazine which recently ran an article on male suicide that also featured Sheds. See


Jewsons have just announced a new fund for local projects. See Deadline 12th April

Aviva have just announced their Community Fund

Asset transfer

Did you know that local authorities are empowered to pass buildings or land to community organisations for next to nothing? It’s not for the faint-hearted, but here are the details:

Meet the Shedders

Further sponsorship from RVS now means that up to 12 regional ‘Meet the Shedders’ events are now funded. The first is likely to be held in Men’s Health week ( June 15 – 21) in Chelmsford. Eight will be held around the country before October 31st. We hope as many Sheds as possible join in. Dates and details to follow.

Woodworking Show

Men’s Sheds will have a stand at the Woodworking and Power Tools Show in Newark on March 27/28th. Bedford and Kirby-in-Ashfield Sheds have volunteered to represent us plus Garry Shore from our Committee. Thanks guys. More about the Show at

Workshop Words 

Back on the tools again after nearly 20 years of not having anywhere to practice his craft, Les exclaimed

‘I never thought I would do this again. I was first trained as a woodturner 74 years ago and it’s in my blood. Thank heaven I found this Shed.’

Les is 88.

If you haven’t already joined UKMSA to take advantage of the discount offers, simply complete and return the application form – membership starts at just £15 a year.


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