Minutes of Annual General Meeting – 2nd July 2015

UK Men’s Sheds Association –

 Minutes of Annual General Meeting – 2nd July 2015

 YMCA Indian Student Hostel, 41 Fitzroy Street, London W1T 6AQ


30 people attended representing 20 member Sheds. With UKMSA membership standing at 51 the meeting was deemed quorate.   (attendees listed at the end)

Papers for the AGM had been emailed out to all confirmed attendees prior to the meeting – including:

  • The agenda
  • UKMSA Second Annual Report (to AGM date 2015)
  • UKMSA Financial Report for the year ending 31 March 2015
  • Business Plan for UKMSA April 2015 to March 2018
  • The national survey preliminary report.

Mike Jenn, Chair of UKMSA welcomed all to the AGM and moved on to

The Year to date

  1. Second Annual Report (attached) .The Chair highlighted elements in the Association’s report.

Discussion focussed on the increase in the number of inquiries being received and the need for additional support as the movement continues to gather pace in addition to the forthcoming funding from The Tudor Trust. This has just been confirmed – £66k secured for two years to core staff time for UKMSA and run a national conference.

Q: Brian Cooke Andover Shed suggested that to alleviate pressure on the currently thin central team that people could volunteer to be regional Ambassadors to answer enquiries about Sheds in their geographical areas. Everyone agreed this was a good idea and all interested were asked to make themselves known to Mike or Patrick (Administrator) in coming weeks.

Q: Query as to why no mention in the report of Age UK? – There is no centrally organised Men in Sheds programme but individual Age UK affiliates have Sheds in operation. We are in contact with many of these but UKMSA does not have a relationship with Age UK England on a national basis.

Vote for Acceptance of the Second Annual Report: For – 16. Against – 1 Abstention – 2

  1. Treasurer’s Report – presented to all by Mike Jenn.( attached)  The healthy bank balance is due to our holding grants in advance of planned expenditure.                                                                                             The Treasurer, Mike Barlow from Men In Sheds, Age UK Dukinfield had sent his apologies to the AGM. He only recently took up the position after the resignation of the former Treasurer in March 2015. Mike is not completely settled in to the job at present but all welcomed his willingness to take on the position.

Vote for Acceptance of the Treasurer’s Report: For 16 Against – 1 Abstention 2

  1. Appointment of Auditors – The committee had appointed Victoria Sitton, a part-qualified accountant who currently examines Camden Town Shed’s accounts and Mike Jenn said she had done a very thorough job this time and recommended her re-appointment in a voluntary capacity.                                                                                                  The discussion centred on whether we needed a more qualified person when we become a CIO. It was agreed that we would make a change at the time if necessary.                                                                         VOTE for appointment of auditor: 16 in favour against nil abstentions 2
  2. National Survey. Mike presented a summary of the National Survey preliminary findings. He regretted that he had failed to ask the permission of the respondents to freely distribute the full results but would give more information (non-attributable) to anyone asking.

A request was made that that any future emailed surveys could also be sent as a Word document as well as an online link – so that Sheds could easily print off the full survey and split relevant parts between different Shed members, with different knowledge bases or responsibilities, to undertake. This was agreed if practicable.

Going Forward –

  1. The Legal Structure – Joe Lewandowski, committee member with responsibility for CIO status – explained progress following the vote at the AGM in 2014 to go for charitable incorporated organisation status. The new CIO status had only just been confirmed (25th June 2015). The Objects Clause negotiated with the Charity Commission stresses our support role and is recorded in the Annual Report. In the application initial trustees had to be named and there are Joe Lewandowski, Chris Lee, Alys Exley and Mike Jenn. The constitution allows them to co-opt two more trustees for their special skills. The trustees envisage working very closely with and attending a wider executive committee nominated by the membership and that the Management Committee elected at this AGM should become the Management Committee of the CIO. Due to the approval being so recent there had been no committee discussion of the next steps, but Mike Jenn said he had been advised to delay implementation of the new status until after any restricted funds had been expended.

Discussion followed re: the best timescale to make the move to the CIO, taking into account the need to move the organisation forward. Sylvia Simme was very clear that there should be no problem with immediate implementation and this gained support around the table.

Mike Jenn then put forward the motion – “We formally agree to wind up UKMSA and transfer the assets, liabilities to the UKMSA CIO, to be implemented immediately”.

Vote: Yes – 19 – unanimous

A related matter was then raised : The Charity Commission have noticed the increasing flow of Applications for CIO status and have asked if UKMSA will help write new guidelines for them to issue to Sheds to smooth the application process. Having a specific model to offer would speed up and ensure registration. Timescale for this work is the next 8 weeks. Joe Lewandowski has taken this on and Sylvia Simme, Age UK offered to support Joe in this work –an offer which was gratefully accepted

6   The Three Year Plan – Mike presented the Business Plan – highlighting key targets for the Association from 2015-18.

Discussion and questions followed –

a). The UK role of our association was raised given that there were now f/t staff in the Welsh Sheds association (4) and Scotland (1) The plan proposes that our work would focus mainly on England but that there would be regular meetings with the other nations to try to establish where we can achieve more working together. The meeting agreed but stressed that there should be a meeting of national associations at least once a year (aim for twice. The committee will consider how this particular focus would be expressed.

  1. Martin Corrick (Gosport Shed) said that the plan was not detailed enough but the meeting felt it was appropriate to a young organisation in a transitional phase with limited resources. This led to further statements of the need to support the core staff in delivering the Business Plan. The meeting agreed the Association was at an exciting stage and showed considerable enthusiasm for the future.
  2. Some felt the aim to have just one FTE staff would be too few if the movement grew as predicted. This issue will be kept under review.
  3. We looked at specific objectives: Sponsorships/ group discounts – should we put effort into getting them? Although many Sheds may not need such benefits the general consensus was yes, if for a start-up fund/ lower insurance costs etc – if Sheds didn’t want to use them then they didn’t have to. Agreed it was not a high priority. See ‘related item ‘ below.

It was thought a national conference would be both enjoyable and great publicity but that we should hold only one (not two as in the plan) in the next three years to be large scale and create an impact. We could invite potential funders / the minister for health etc. We have £2500 set aside for this from the Tudor Trust.

Vote for Acceptance of the Business Plan 2015 – 2018   Yes – 17 Abstentions – 2

Related item: UKMSA had been approached by B&Q who have 9 pallets of wood panel flooring to donate. Mike will try to find a way of distribution.

  1. Election of Committee:

All current committee members were named and roles explained for benefit of attendees:

Mike Jenn – Chair

Mike Barlow – Treasurer

Joe Lewandowski – Insurance / CIO status

Alys Exley – Peabody Housing Trust – Social Media / Events support / Ambassador to Housing Associations

Chris Lee – PR & Publicity / Events / Consultancy support / links to voluntary sector

Roger Jones – Older Men’s Network – Ambassador to health / older people’s networks

Martin Gamester – Skelmersdale

Phil Wheatley – Bristol

Garry Shore.

It was discussed and agreed that the Committee for 2015-16 needed to ensure that there was a Secretary and Deputy Chair appointed to support the Chair. It was agreed that these roles could be agreed between all newly appointed Committee Members at their first meeting.

Chair – Mike Jenn – Nominated by Brian Cooke (Andover). Seconded by Alys Exley. Vote – 15 Yes 3. Abstentions etc

As re-appointed Chair, Mike nominated Joe Lewandowski, Alys Exley, Roger Jones, Mike Barlow and Chris Lee en masse to be re-elected to the Committee. Garry ? (Surrey) Seconded. Vote – 15 Yes 3 Abstentions

All present were asked to consider joining the committee – the following agreed:

Sylvia Simme – Nominated by Della Jeffrey Seconded by Joe Lewandowski

Brian Cooke (Andover) – Nominated by Nigel Patterson Seconded by Alys Exley

Oscar Plumley – Age Concern Eastbourne. Nominated by Joe Lewandowski Seconded by Mike Jenn

Roles for new and existing committee members agreed tbc at first meeting.

Oscar offered help with Google Maps / Website.

Vote in favour of new committee – Yes 15

  1. A short Any Questions/Any Answers session was held to see how we could help each other.

9   AGM closed at 13:30 for lunch and networking to be followed at 2.15 by a media/fundraising workshop “Reaching Your Targets” –led by Joe Dobson of Hackney CVS prior to joining the afternoon “London – Meet The Shedders Event”.



Joe Lewandowski Bedford Men’s Shed                                            M
Andrew Hankiewicz Bedford Men’s Shed
Brian Cooke Andover Men’s Shed                                               M
Jerry Corless Andover Men’s Shed
Shaun Wilton Andover Men’s Shed
Philip Johns Men in Sheds Cheltenham & Gloucester
Richard Edgar The Greeno Shed
Tim Tempest Sherwood Shed
David Woodhead The Silvers Workshop
Tony Smith-Crallan The Silvers Workshop
Alan Hawkins Secretary, Men’s Sheds – Poole
Ian Scott Alton Men’s Shed
Oscar Plumley Age Concern Eastbourne
Martin Corrick Gosport Men’s Sheds
Alys Exley Peabody/Sunnyside Shed
Garry Shore Committee Member
Mike Jenn Camden Town Shed
Nigel Patterson Men in Sheds Milton Keynes
Ed Brand Melksham Shed
Bob Broadstairs Town Shed
Mike Broadstairs Town Shed
Adrian Kelly Colden Common
Harry Haigh Colden Common
Steve Badham Coldham Common
David Richardson West Sussex Health authority
Geoffrey Cox ‘Battersea Shed’
W Cranston Battersea Shed
Sylvia Simme     ?spelling? Age UK Bexley MiS
Della Jeffrey Age UK Bexley MiS
John Paul ………… Penge Shed
Chris Faulkner Freehold Community MS

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