Minutes of Annual General Meeting – 19th October 2016

UK Men’s Sheds Association

Minutes of Annual General Meeting

19 October 2016

Carrs Lane Conference Centre, Birmingham B4 7SX




20 people attended representing 15 Sheds (13 member Sheds) and the Scottish Men’s Sheds Association. With UKMSA membership standing at 116 the meeting was deemed quorate (see Page 4 for list of attendees). There was one proxy vote from Martin Castree (Patchway Shed, Bristol, UKMSA member number 12).

Mike Jenn (retiring Chair), Karl Demian (incoming Interim Chair) and Anne Oxley (Director of Services) were also in attendance.


Geoff Collett, Southbourne Men’s Shed

Papers for the AGM had previously been posted on the UKMSA website and emailed to all Shed Leaders on the UKMSA mailing list and copies were also available in the meeting, including:

Minutes of the previous AGM 2015

UKMSA Third Annual Trustees Report

UKMSA Financial report for the year ending 31 March 2016



The meeting followed on from the all-day Shed Fest UK event and commenced at 4.10pm.

  1. Welcome and Introductions

Mike Jenn, UKMSA retiring Chair, introduced Karl Demian from Royal Voluntary Service as the Interim Chair for the next 6 months. Karl then took over as Chair.

  1. Minutes of previous AGM (2 July 2015)

The minutes of the previous AGM were presented and accepted as a true record, proposed by Brian Cooke (Andover Shed) and seconded by Mike Jenn (UKMSA).


  1. Matters arising

There were no matters arising.

  1. Financial accounts

The UKMSA financial accounts to 31 March 2016 were presented by Mike Jenn. There were no questions. The accounts were accepted by the meeting. The accounts were accompanied by a formal trustee report and a more user friendly Annual Report for wider use.

Mike Jenn then talked though a circulated update on the accounts from 01 April 2016 to 30 September 2016.

Doug Mizon (Halesworth Shed) sought clarification.  Mike Jenn explained that our budgeted expenditure of £51,000 in this financial year was now showing a £750 deficit but that he expected not all expenditure would be made and that it would match our income for the year.  Most of UKMSA’s income is spent on staffing costs; there are no premises and associated costs as staff work from home.  Some additional spend was due to the additional costs related to the recruitment and employment of a new Shed Advisor, Kaye Lay, who replaces the previous Administrator, Patrick Abrahams.

A question was raised on retaining cash in the UKMSA bank account – could anything be done with it? Is there a Reserves Policy?

Karl Demian responded that UKMSA plans on making the transfer to a CIO bank account by the end of this year and will look at a Reserves Policy. Karl agreed that it was not good practice to sit on large sums of cash but was not aware that we were.

  1. UKMSA name change proposal

Earlier in the year UKMSA was under pressure to not appear to represent other national Shed Associations and consulted members on a change of name. At an EGM held on 25 February 2016 UKMSA discussed the issue and the resolution to amend the name was deferred to this AGM. Since then the challenge about representation has dissipated and UKMSA recommends that the Association does not change its name at this time. However, discussions will continue with the Men’s Sheds Associations of Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

Question from Halifax Shed: What would be the impact on funding if UKMSA moves from UK to England?

Karl Demian responded that we all need to work together as the UK where appropriate and not compromise any potential funding opportunities.

Jason Schroeder, SMSA: Have we got a timetable for the CIO status and name?

Karl advised that UKMSA will continue this discussion with the other national Sheds Associations; UKMSA has been registered as a CIO since June 2015.

Jason made the point that UKMSA is a separate funded body and does not provide funding to the other countries.

Nathan Sarea, Denbigh Shed: they are upset with the Men’s Sheds Cymru who have become part of the Hafan housing company which is profit making, and there are ongoing disagreements. Having a UK Association would help solve these issues.

  1. Appointment of External Examiner

UKMSA’s previous External Examiner has resigned and they are currently looking for a replacement. Chris Pickett (Melksham Shed) may be able to put forward a name. Requesting Asda’s support was suggested by Halifax Shed but Karl felt it inappropriate when they were a funder. Brian Cooke (Andover Shed) may also be able to put forward a name.

A question was raised about what qualifications the Examiner would require and Karl said someone who is accredited or certified and preferably an accountant would be the ideal candidate. UKMSA needs to be confident that it is operating in a safe and legal way.

  1. Nominations to join the UKMSA Management Committee

Members of the current Management Committee offering themselves for re-appointment were Chris Lee (Repair Shed) and UKMSA trustee, Brian Cooke (Andover Shed) and Wendy Meadows who recently joined as Interim Treasurer.

Prior to the AGM written Expressions of Interest to become UKMSA trustees had been received from Mike Brading and Garry Jillians, both from Basingstoke Shed. Nathan Sarea (part-time Co-ordinator at Denbigh Shed) put himself forward in the meeting.

Chris Pickett (Melksham Shed) may be interested in putting himself forward at the next AGM.

A question was raised about what Committee Members do. Mike Jenn responded that they meet monthly by telephone conference and quarterly face to face to support the general operation of the organisation. This might include being a working party member to look at insurance for example or to write the Annual Report. Members are expected to be active and to contribute their skills and knowledge to furthering the work of UKMSA. UKMSA is aiming to attract more Committee Members and Trustees to widen the load.

Karl proposed that all nominations were accepted onto the Committee, seconded by Brian Cooke. The representatives from 13 member Sheds and the 1 proxy vote were unanimous in supporting the proposal.

Appreciation was expressed from the floor for all the hard work Mike Jenn has done in establishing UKMSA and taking forward the Shed movement.

Patrick Abrahams, UKMSA’s Administrator for the past 2 years was also thanked in his absence. Mike Jenn explained a little more about what Patrick’s role had been and that UKMSA has now appointed Kaye Lay as Men’s Sheds Advisor.

  1. Final questions from the floor

Jason Schroeder (SMSA) asked who from UKMSA was attending the pre-meeting in Belfast this weekend to discuss the International Men’s Sheds Association. Nathan Sarea volunteered to attend and to represent UKMSA. This was agreed by the Chair.

  1. Meeting close

Karl thanked all those in attendance and closed the AGM at 4.45pm.



  Shed or Organisation Name ATTENDEE NAME
1.     Nailsea Social Shedders Ellis Johns
2.     Scottish Men’s Shed Association Jason Schroeder
3.     The Silvers Workshop Tony Smith-Crallan
4.     Halesworth Shed Douglas Mizon
5.     Gateway Shed, Leek Jo Phillips
6.     Andover & District Men’s Shed Brian Cooke
7.     The Brunel Shed Ed Brand
8.     Basingstoke Shed Mike Brading
9.     Basingstoke Shed Garry Jillians
10.  Westbury Shed Dan Gmaj
11.  The Shed Melksham Chris Pickett
12.  The Shed Melksham Ken Maners
13.  The Shed Melksham Miles Pilling
14.  The Phoenix Shed Halifax Eddie Moss
15.  The Phoenix Shed Halifax Chris Freeman
16.  Denbigh Men’s Shed Nathan Sarea
17.  Devises Barn Shed Rod Nott
18.  Repair Shed Chris Lee
  Non-member Shed or Organisation Name ATTENDEE NAME
19. Age UK Penge Shed Jon-Paul Mountford
20. High Street Shed, Swansea Mark Stephenson







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