Coloured vision

Stuart is a project leader for RTProjects’ Men’s Shed in Durham. He writes ‘It might be a little different as it doesn’t have an activity ‘theme’ such as woodworking.  Instead men are encouraged to try out many different activities to discover what they enjoy doing. This means that in any session there will be several different activities going on. All are creative activities including woodworking, photography, drawing, painting, printmaking, willow work, kite making, etching, including stained glass and more.
On the subject of stained glass I would encourage anyone to have a go. The initial outlay is not too great and once a set of tools have been acquired the materials of glass and lead are not too expensive for small scale projects.  Stained glass panels and wood make a perfect partnership and can add an extra dimension to any shed.  If you would like to know more about this activity Stuart is preparing a factsheeet and materials list which he would be happy to pass on to you. For further information and contacts check out

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