Eastleigh Men’s Shed are homeless

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By Andi Saunders on May 28, 2017 02:47 pm

Just to let you all know, after three very happy years building up our workshops in Hamble, we are now desperately looking for a new home.
We have always had a couple of NIMBY neighbours out to stop us, and now one has found a 1920’s covenant on the land that precludes  “Clubs” and unauthorised “garden garages and sheds” This has put a lot of pressure on our Landlady, who is in her 80’s. so we have taken the tough decision to cease operations.

So we are now looking for any available building, barn or even  empty piece of land that we can start again from.
Any help, suggestions and or advice gratefully received. We will not be beaten.

Please contact Andi on 07547918966 or email andi@eastleighmensshed.co.uk

Thanks in advance

This is a really sorry state of affairs – the lady who owns the garden let the Shed operate on her land. The Shed (I’ve met some of the members) were running a decent Shed and contributing to the community. Yet someone who takes a dislike to the Shed, hires a solicitor and finds a legal covenant made about 100 years ago that puts the Shed out of business.  I am sure we all extend our sympathies to Eastleigh Shed and admire their “We will not be beaten” attitude – good on you Eastleigh!

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  1. Don’t covenants expire, this is plainly out of date, can not the old lady have it repealed or removed. Maybe our organization has a stroppy solicited who could take it on.

    1. No, simplifying a bit, covenants cannot be repealed, they are of a specific form to ensure that they endure to the benefit of the party who is the intended beneficiary. Yes, she might be able to have it set aside on the grounds that the complainant is not an intended beneficiary of the covenant and therefore has no standing to enforce it in court.

      Seeing off the complainant would be something of a Mexican standoff and would be quite difficult and stressful for the old lady. And as such, it seems to me to be the right decision to seek alternative premises.


      1. My apologies to Vince for the delay in approving this comment, which he made two weeks ago.

        Mike Brading.

  2. It’s not a club, its a place for the community to get together and help each other and support people who retired and lonely who need some where to go it’s Men in Sheds not a club.

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