Who’s who at the UKMSA

Shed Fest in Birmingham last October marked the start of a large number of changes to the people who run the UKMSA for its members. Here’s an update of who’s who:

Victoria Little,

Director of Services

Victoria makes sure everything we should be delivering is delivered
Kaye Lay,

Shed Advisor

Kaye acts as a focus for phone calls and emails into the UKMSA and, if she doesn’t know the answer is charged with finding out.
Claire Shelton,

Shed Development Worker

Claire is responsible for our Ambassador programme which is about increasing the number of Sheds and Shedders across the UK.


Apart from Chris Lee, all the other trustees have joined as such since Shed Fest. They are: Brian Cooke, Garry Jillians (Vice chair), Mark Lindsey (Treasurer), Jo Phillips (RVS), Nathan Sarea and Mike Brading (Chair). There’ll be more on this in the July Shoulder-to-shoulder.

4 thoughts on “Who’s who at the UKMSA

  1. Why so many women on board of trustees or with respoonsibilities ie: Director of services, Shed Advisor, Shed development worker Etc. I assumed the Men’s shed was an organisation for men run by men?

    1. Thank you for your comment, Peter. You’re completely right, we exist for the benefit of men and their wellbeing and all of our resources and efforts are geared towards providing support to enable access to a shed for every man that wants it. We don’t employ on the basis of sex, but instead on merit to do the job at hand. Lots of women play a part in the Men’s Shed movement in lots of ways, not just via the UKMSA. You can rest assured that our work will always be for the benefit of men.

      Warm regards,

      Kaye Lay

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