☀☀ Shed Fest UK ☀☀

We're going to have a Shed festival! We have just booked the Carrs Lane Conference Centre in Birmingham* for Wednesday October 19th and are looking forward to creating an event with yourselves where we can meet and discover how we all enjoy Shedding. A successful event like this can only be done with the involvement of Shedders from the beginning. …

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☀ Photo competition ☀

UKMSA is going to produce a publicity brochure aimed at influencing local decision-makers. It will be used by representatives at public meetings and when meeting officials. The brochure suggests that Sheds benefit society as ‘ Health is promoted by adding purpose, stimulation and company for members ’ ‘Adult education is complimented by Shedders learning from each other on the job’ …

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1607 Leiston's steam engine

The portable steam engine

Leiston Men's Shed have been restoring a rare beast: a Portable Steam Engine.                                                                                                                          This engine, type WS III, was built in 1926 and was one of 15,000 portable engines produced between 1851 and 1927 by the engineering firm of Richard Garrett in Leiston, Suffolk. The Long Shop Museum, situated in part of the Garrett works, rescued this engine from …

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A recommended free website-builder

Nearly half of the 400+ Men's Sheds across the UK currently have a website. Some have built them without previous experience using a system devised by the Newbury based company, Hugo Fox. Here’s what they have said: The Hugo Fox system makes it easy to build and manage; it’s completely free for non-profit organisations. It looks great on any device, …

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Growing in the City (GITC) is a community food growing and educational project based in East Manchester. It is also home to its Men’s Shed Manchester project, a targeted activity for mid/older aged men Members share existing and learn new skills to create wildlife feeders/ shelters, build garden furniture from reclaimed wood, some which are sold to fund their group. …

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Cancer talk success.

Prostate Cancer UK volunteer Steve Allen recently spoke to The Silvers Workshop Shed (TWS) in Reading, to give them the facts about prostate cancer; the most common male cancer affecting 1 in 8 men in the UK. Steve said ‘I found myself at the workshop with about 20 members. We sat around eating doughnuts, drinking coffee, discussing the risks, signs …

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More Sheds in Essex

Maldon CVS recently secured a grant from the county’s Community Resilience Fund sufficient to engage Hamish Macdiarmid
 as the Essex Shed Network Coordinator (20 hrs pw). Whenever there is steady local input the number of Sheds has always accelerated. The new Essex Shed Network is launching on September 8th at the Essex County Cricket Club between 10.00am and 2pm. Some 50+ …

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1607 Sopwith Camel

A Camel designed by a Shed

The Cheltenham & Gloucester Men in Sheds  have built a scaled-down version of a Sopwith Camel made from as much discarded material as they could find - such as a large flower pot, baked bean cans and pallet wood with the propeller being carved from a cement mixing board. This demonstration of  reuse and creativity which is such a part …

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Approaches by insurance brokers

Recently there have been two approaches by insurance agents directly mailing Sheds seeking new business e.g.  David Upshall Insurance Services. UKMSA would like to make it clear that these are unsolicited approaches from brokers we have not had contact with. Our efforts to achieve an improved insurance for all our Shed Members are continuing and may have triggered these approaches. …

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