Extraordinary General Meeting

An Extraordinary General Meeting of the UKMSA has been called for 12th July 2017. The following are links to documents relating to that meeting:

Document summary of contents
Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting Meeting notice sent to paid up members and shed leaders
Proposals to amend the Constitution of the UKMSA The proposals to be put to the EGM
Proposed constitution UK Men’s Sheds Association The complete constitution. Note: Black text is exactly per CC template constitution (unchanged from existing constitution)
Blue text is existing wording which either varies from the standard CC template wording or is a choice of some option. No proposed changes, just identified for information.
Red is text to be removed
Green is text that is being added
Proxy vote form A form which any non-attendee of the meeting must complete and send to someone who will vote on their behalf at the meeting.

If you wish the chair to cast votes on your behalf, send the completed form attached to an email to chair@ukmsa.org.uk, along with any voting instructions; without instructions, the chair will vote on your behalf for each of the proposals.