Managing a Shed

This area is where we want to share the advice and ideas that Shedders have on the issues they are facing and what has worked to resolve them as well as other successes we have had. We need your help to fill it with useful, practical information. To make sharing these matters easier we are investigating restricting access to these pages to members.

We hope to include information like:

  • Activities that develop the Shed programme, e.g. cooking and eating!
  • Common issues like collecting subs, dealing with referring agencies; getting more members
  • What sells and how
  • Job descriptions for paid staff and volunteers, managing, delegating and succession planning;
  • Raising local funds, copies of funding applications made by Sheds.
  • Persuading new guys to come, e.g. evening opening, promoting to women,
  • Noticeboard for passing on spare equipment;
  • H&S methods
  • Sample docs or policies ;
  • Local sources of advice.

In the meantime there is lots of useful information on the starting up page, which will be of help even to those with more established Sheds.

Please email any useful documents you have to or leave details in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

9 thoughts on “Managing a Shed

  1. I have been asked to be the treasurer of a new shed which we are trying to set up. We have premises. Can anyone advise me of how I can get started in this role. The shed will be near wedmore in Somerset where we can use an agricultural barn. There is land for gardening also. Terry (woody) white. Retired fairground woodcarver.

    1. Hi Terry
      I’m the treasure of Cobtree men’s Shed in Kent only two months ago. Started from scratch had to open a bank account at Natwest they have been very helpful . Every thing can be done online or by post. Nothing to hard (best of luck). Would love to see some of your work. Alan

      1. Hi Terry, we are trying to start one up in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, although it’s like extracting teeth to get anything out of the council. When you opened a bank account, did you need to register as a charity ?
        Bob Ayres

  2. Hi Alan,
    we are also in the process of opening a Natwest account although the paper work is quite extensive, we are going for CIO status what structure has Cobtree chosen, Eddy (Bootle tool shed)

    1. Alan, Have you begun your CIO process and has your treasurer managed to get their financial management in place now. I am going through the same process and would be good to bounce off ideas like what software you are looking at using to manage the finances.

      1. For a cheap and usable solution, have a look at QuickFile. Really good support, simple to use and very cheap/free.

  3. The above link to email doesnt work. Id like to message you about your organization please

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