Shed Happens – Even when you’re self-isolating

and have to self-isolate, that they have a ‘Virtual Shed’ they can listen to and interact with online. The UKMSA wants to keep Shedders connected.  We are producing a weekly radio show called “Shed Happens” , that will broadcast live every Wednesday from 10am to 12:00 on Frome FM, which can be listened to online nationwide. http://frome.fm/listennow/ or Frome 96.6FM

Currently the first show is planned for Wednesday, 25th March, with four shows scheduled for the same time every week through to 7th April.  We may have further shows beyond that date, subject to the Government self-isolation guidelines.

The radio show will be made up of telephone interviews with Shedders country-wide about their Sheds, and what they get up to in them. There will also be other guests taking part, which may include subject matter experts, there will some music, and also the opportunities for Sheds to send messages to their Shedders who are self-isolating.  We anticipate that there will be ideas from contributors on how Shedders can “stay connected”. This will include examples of Community involvement, like the Community cards offering help. We aim to have a level of light-heartedness and humour.

Some of the show may be pre-recorded. We may have topics for discussion, or just have conversations with the Shedders.

The emphasis will not be on Covid-19, but on “Sheds Staying connected”.

We will be receiving other inputs during the show on Twitter, Facebook and via Text, which we may form part of the show.

In most cases contributors will give their consent by simply agreeing to be recorded for the show or by contributing online. Contributors will be asked if they wish their contact information to be retained.

Here’s the important piece – If you would like to take part in the radio show, please email shedhappens@ukmsa.org.uk with a brief summary about yourself and the Shed you go to, your phone number, and a suitable time when you can be telephoned for a pre-show discussion. We are very sorry that we may not be able to include everybody who wants to take part.

 If your Shed has a “Shed song”, or other musical recording, then please be in touch, along with a link to the recording, or an attached audio file.

After the “Shed Happens” Show are broadcast live they can be listened to on demand online.

You will be able to communicate with the Show during the broadcast, via Twitter, Facebook and Text,  more details on this, and how to listen to the show in the next few days.