Frontline: changing lives

At Frontline we believe that no child’s life chances should be limited by their social or family circumstances. 

Our mission is to create positive social change for children who do not have a safe or stable home. We do this by developing excellent social work practice and leadership.

Apply for the Frontline Programme to develop your resilience, conflict resolution and leadership skills and be the difference for the most disadvantaged in your local community.

Now recruiting across England– for more information and to start your application go to our website: https://thefrontline.org.uk/our-programmes/frontline-programme/

If you have any questions or queries, contact recruitment@thefrontline.org.uk

Case Studies:

Prior to starting Frontline, Paul enjoyed a stimulating career as a teacher for 35 years.

Paul shares how Frontline presented him with the opportunity to work with these young people at the other end of the school day, in their home and family.

You can read all about his experiences here: https://thefrontline.org.uk/case-study/paul/