Three Great BIG Quizzes!

We had so much fun last year at the ‘BIG FAT CHRISTMAS SHED QUIZ!’ – so much so that we’re doing it again! We’re planning three more ‘rip-roariously’ fun quizzes with even more prizes before the end of March. 

The Events are a work in progress keep watching this space as details, may change. The quizzes will be on Zoom links will appear here nearer the time. So far it’s looking like this…

Wed 3rd March 7PM – The Great Big Shed St David’s Week Quiz

In honour of Sheds in Wales, brush up on your Saint David general knowledge as we celebrate the week that brings you St David’s day and World Hearing day.  Great prizes to be won for your Shed.

Wed 17th March 7PM – The Great Big St Patrick’s Day Shed Quiz

Where Emerald for this celebration of Sheds in Ireland, testing you general knowledge with a particular hint of leprechauns and Giant Causeway 

Wed 31st March 7PM – The Great Big National Crayon Day Quiz

(No, we’re not American but why miss out on all the fun!)

Great Big Shed Crayoning Quiz – Put on your artistic hats and join us to test your knowledge and skills as you crayon your way through the quiz on National Crayoning Quiz – no age limit, but it might be past bedtime.   

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