The Shedders Live Streaming Project

Run by Inclusion in Action CIC and the Barnsley and Sheffield Shedders Community Groups Funded by The National Lottery Community Fund

What is the project about?       

Inclusion in Action is running the Shedders Live Streaming Channel as all the face-to-face workshops are now paused because of Covid.

During and after the lockdown, we need to change the way the workshops are run, because of the vulnerability level of participants. Most Shedders are in self-isolation on their own or with spouse/family. All of them want the SHEDS to re-open, as they miss the camaraderie and the chats and laughs and banter that made the SHEDS such a special place. Many will not be able to join in person for some time, so we are planning for a ‘new normality’ by remotely livestreaming workshops. 

The difference the project will make is that the more vulnerable Shedders will not be left isolated because of their vulnerability. If they can’t BE there, they can FEEL there. Most Shedders have internet connections, but not many have a laptop or tablet, so they need differing levels of support to follow the workshops from home, including providing them with a Facebook Portal and the appropriate guidance to use the hardware. All consulted Shedders have stated that they are very happy to participate in livestream mode – not the best, as they all say, but better than being left alone and lost to the world – as one Shedder stated. 

The project aims to bring people who are at high risk from COVID-19 together REMOTELY, as this is likely to be a long-term challenge for communities. We are constantly in contact with the Shedders, who are all keen to get back to ‘work’ with the Shed but are fully aware of their vulnerability. Their families are also reluctant to let them re-join the Shed physically, even though social distancing will be strictly implemented onsite. Given the high risk from COVID-19 for all Shedders, sanitising equipment and providing face masks are available for face-to-face participants and coordinator/volunteers who are running the livestreaming workshops. According to our consultations, we strongly believe that it is paramount that vulnerable Shedders are given the opportunity to reduce isolation by transforming their Shed activity from face-to-face to livestreaming, allowing full participation and reducing the level of anxiety/depression that all Shedders are experiencing right now.

How does the project involve the community?   

The Shed coordinators and volunteers have continued keeping in touch with the Shedders, mainly by telephone, but also through Skype and other social media networks, as all our Shedders are in desperate need of contact to overcome their depressive state. All Shedders are in self-isolation and many of them have immunodeficiency conditions, as well as mental health challenges. Some are expressing suicidal feelings, most are fearful and very anxious about themselves and their family, so we try to stay close to them, providing advice and links to appropriate support organisations. We are keeping the Shedders together by telephone and Skype/social media, remotely, as some of our dedicated volunteers are also in a vulnerable age range. Our volunteers are keeping written records of the content of their regular telephone calls to the Shedders, ready to signpost situations where support is needed. We are signposting the livestreaming on social media and are keen to gather and learn from users’ feedback, to make the service as user-friendly as possible.

The workshops are run by volunteers and sessional tutors.

Currently, Philip is running woodwork workshops on Weds at 11am., and there are cookery workshops with Patrizia on Tuesday at 11am, Create with Nicole’s Arts & Craft workshops on Thursday at 11 am and From Armchair to Fitness with William on Fridays at 11 am. Free to attend.

Join the shedders at


 You need internet access and your Facebook page (easy to set up!)

For further details, email sandra@inclusioninaction.org, quoting ‘Shed livestreaming’ in the subject