Carers Hearts Workshop

Men’s mental health is often overlooked and that is particularly true of male unpaid and working carers.

The pressure and expectations of caring can make carers particularly vulnerable to suffering from mental health problems, such as depression.

In our second and last Carers’ Hearts CIC free workshop supporting men’s mental wellbeing, Sak Rafique will be sharing real-time or ‘fast skills’ male carers can use during stressful times. He’ll also be distinguishing these strategies from those that build long-term resilience.

Participants will also get the opportunity to share the strategies that currently work for them.

Thursday 25th March at 7.30pm and the booking link is below.

Sak Rafique is the Founder and Lead Mental Fitness Coach at ORANGE BALL. He is an experienced and accredited Executive Coach and Mentor and a Positive Psychology Practitioner