Men’s Sheds Exhibition at the Tetley

The Tetley is a pioneering centre for contemporary art located in the stunning art deco headquarters of the former Tetley Brewery. From the heart of Leeds South Bank, it creates a platform for amazing emerging artists, presenting breathtaking free exhibitions and helping communities in Leeds find their creative voice.

You may remember, many moons ago just before the thing went pear-shaped that Andover Men’s Shed made a chair for an exhibition that was supposed to travel around the country. Well, it looks like the exhibition will be continuing again in May! 

Here are an email and some pictures received from Mel Brimfield the artist who planned the exhibit. Do follow the link in the email to hear the sound of the exhibit in reality. No prizes for spotting a well-known face in the display, it’s not a bad likeness, just a caricature of someone we all know! ( before he put on weight!) Click the images below to enlarge.

Roger Evans Maker of Things / Acting Chairman Andover Mens Shed

Watch and hear and watch the exhibition!