Return of the Laura (our membership support officer)!

Hello Sheds and Shedders! It’s been quite a year for all of us, and not one many of us would have predicted. For anyone new to Sheds, I’m Laura Winkley, Membership and Support Officer at UK Men’s Sheds, coming back to support Sheds from my lockdown year on adoption leave. 

Life has been a great rollercoaster adopting our two little boys this last year – ‘Little Bear’ is 2½ now and came home the day after Boris announced the first lockdown. Our youngest – ‘Little Octopus’ is now 19 months old and came home in July. 

We are so proud of how both our boys are thriving, even in lockdown. They’re both very active little boys who like anything outdoors. They also really love fixing and building things and are magpies for tools; I expect them to make good Shedders some day in the future. They’re keeping us on our toes for sure and parenthood is a constant learning curve! Although this last year has also held its losses for our family, like many of you. Becoming a mum to my two boys has been the highlight of our year without a doubt.

I’m really hoping that as I’m coming back to work I’m able to get stuck in supporting both Member Sheds and Non-Member Sheds as we find our way out of lockdown, making the most of the chances to reconnect with our friends and partners in crime, and learning to share physical spaces again. Fingers crossed lockdown easing is a one-way street so we’re allowed out to play a little more this year!

Laura Winkley (Membership Support Officer)