A Massive Thank You to our beloved Volunteers!!

We love our UK Men’s Sheds Volunteers most of whom are ambassadors! We are grateful for all the ways they support the work we do to champion Men’s Sheds! As it is volunteers week we’d like to give them a big shout!

Here’s a flavour of what they get up to!

  • Support mentor and provide information to new and existing Sheds and helping them to grow
  • Champion Shed development in the community and encourage teamwork between Sheds
  • Build local networks and partnerships to help with source, materials, premises, training and funding.
  • Work with UK Men’s Sheds Association Staff to support national initiatives
  • Promote, celebrate and support the Shed Movement at events and in the press

In their own words – click pics to enlarge

A message from our Chief Officer

A poem for our Volunteers – by Rachel Meadows

“Thanks to our Ambassadors, you’re the ones who did it first,
You paved the way, you started Sheds, but still you had a thirst,
To keep the movement going,
To keep the Shedders growing,
You’re out there now come rain or shine (or hail or if it’s snowing)
You’re the ones who know your Sheds, and how to make them run,
Where to find insurance, and how to make that fun! (maybe)
You get new Sheds excited,
You turn up uninvited,
Kettle on and biscuits out, everyone’s delighted!
We wanted to say cheers to you, for putting in the hours,
If we weren’t still stuck on bloody Zoom we would have got you flowers!
So thanks again for being great, and following Mike Jenn,
The work you do is adding to…HAPPY AND HEALTHY MEN!”

Thank you to all our Volunteer Shed Ambassadors for inspiring and supporting a nation of Shedders.
– Rachel Meadows UK Men’s Sheds Volunteer and Community Development Manager

If you would like to volunteer with UK Men’s Sheds email rachel.meadows@ukmsa.org.uk