Patron’s Corner – June

Hello everyone!  Well, it is the start of another week and I will, hopefully, be able to spend most of it in the workshop. I can’t quite remember if I shared with you all that my work is now for sale and exhibited in a gallery in our local town of Ashbourne, here in the Peak District. 

We have had an absolutely unbelievable month in Taurean Arts and have sold about 11 pieces of woodturned art. The Japanese-inspired pieces have been particularly popular both with Matthew, the gallery owner, and his customers. It is a very exciting time for all of us and my brain is almost permanently engaged in thinking about art. I am loving all the amazing ceramic pieces in the gallery and the talent of the resident artists is of a very high standard and a great inspiration to me. 

The village of Ednaston is approximately fifteen minutes from our village and here you will find Nash Woodcrafts, owned and operated by Mike Nash who supplies turning blanks and slabs [for wood turning] which he mills and prepares himself. Mike has a huge industrial horizontal bandsaw (trailer mounted) to cut trees down to size, and also two in-house kilns for drying and seasoning the timber. He offers a great postal service too so, if you are after some blanks, he may well be worth contacting. We are going there this morning to get a supply of blanks and he always makes people so welcome. (Yes, he has a kettle!)

If I can now, I would like to completely change direction for a while, but I guess it is relevant. Tomorrow, as I write this, is the 30th anniversary of my father’s death. He was diagnosed with lung cancer which spread to his brain. From him first feeling unwell to his passing was only nine weeks. This was a blessing, in my opinion, neither my father or any of us, his family, had to endure months or even years of watching a terminal patient suffer in pain and agony.  

What’s the point of me sharing this with you? Well, with regards to my mental health and emotions, I am happy and content at what could be a sad time of year. We light a candle and I say hi to my Dad and that’s about it. I can only say that grieving can be different for many of us, but if you do struggle or are recently bereaved, it is okay to act and feel the way that you do. But really importantly, if you are struggling – and this is where your Men’s Sheds is so important – talk to someone. It is something we all have to go through but we don’t have to do it alone.  

I miss my Dad hugely. We were best friends and he was only 47 when he died, but I am happy that we had the time we did. Remember to keep busy as best you can (I don’t think sitting alone and overthinking is very good for anyone and can lead to all sorts of mental health problems). It is important to have friends who we can confide in and to take part in activities that inspire us, motivate us and just generally keep us happy. 

One thing to get ready for is Shedfest 2021! Hopefully, many, if not all of you, will be able to take part in some way or, if you are busy, you can always drop in, to catch up with what is going on. I have been asked to take part and, as always, it is an honour and privilege to be involved. It’s a no-brainer for me and, until we talk again, I hope you all stay happy and creative. 

Keep on turning 

Chris Fisher RPT