An amusing example of an Ergonomics (Human Factors) Brochure

 Cartoons and Humour. 

The reason why I decided to enter this article onto our Engineering Management SharePoint site, was to demonstrate how constrained life has become with pc and many other restrictions implanted on us. 

Cartoons and humour are renowned for telling stories in an easy to understand format. 

In fact cartoons have been behind cultural changes; such as the little known Eastern European character ‘Krtek the Mole’ whose adventures were aimed at bringing down the Communist regime in the old Czechoslovakia in the 1950s and 60s, and political statements, as drawn by Gerald Scarfe, and other cartoonists of his genre. 

When I was working on the Channel Tunnel Project there was a safety booklet published entitled: ‘Charlie the Chargehand – or – Roles and Responsibilities of 1st Line Supervision’. Aimed at construction and installation activities, it proved very popular, informative, and proved to be an invaluable interface between HSEQ and HF. 

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An amusing example of an Ergonomics (Human Factors) Brochure

An amusing example of an Ergonomics (Human Factors) Brochure, article by Martin Young about the power of cartoons for communication

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Article courtesy of Martin Young. MSc (Eng) CEng CMILT MIET – Dunstable Shed and UK Men’s Sheds Ambassador