Research to Promote the Value and Impact of Men’s Sheds

Dear Shedders,

Research to Promote the Value and Impact of Men’s Sheds

UK Men’s Sheds Association has commissioned Starks Consulting to carry out a small research project with our network of Men’s Shed’s across the UK. This research is being supported by the Rayne Foundation and has two principal outcomes:

  • To provide us with research that demonstrates the intrinsic value of Men’s Sheds from a recognised external researcher.
  • To provide case studies, images and video that will be used to create an interactive book that will tell the story of Men’s Sheds.

This research will build upon the Shedder insight survey that gave some really powerful statistics about Men’s Sheds.

In the first instance we will be looking to interview about one hundred Shedders and then we will add to this in the years to come.

This research will enable everyone to tell the story of Men’s Sheds better. It will enable us to tell your story, and the story of your Sheds.

Whilst we will start by targeting some Sheds for this work, it would be fantastic if you can let us know that you would like to be involved.

If interested, please email admin@ukmsa.org.uk or give us a call.

You can find ut more about Starks Consulting here if you wish www.starksconsulting.co.uk.

We thank you in advance for your support with UK Men’s Sheds and for our research to promote the value and impact of Men’s Sheds.

The very best seasons greetings and best wishes,

Charlie Bethel