Ambassador Programme

Volunteer Ambassador Programme

Our Volunteer Ambassador programme champions grass-roots development and teams up experienced Shed leaders with like-minded peers who want to start Men’s Sheds in their own areas.

We equip and empower Volunteer Ambassadors across the UK to raise awareness of the Men’s Sheds movement and its life changing benefits, and share their knowledge and experiences with the next wave of Shed leaders. Our Volunteer Ambassadors are experienced Shedders who have a track record in setting up safe and sustainable Sheds.

We think there’s nobody more inspiring than those who have done it for themselves and their communities.

With that in mind, our Volunteer Ambassadors are the cheerleaders of the Men’s Sheds movement, and in line with UK Men’s Sheds Association’s values they will:

  • Attend and present at local events and conferences to promote the Men’s Shed movement so as many people as possible know what Sheds are and how to find or start one.
  • Speak at local start up meetings to inspire and motivate groups of people to start Sheds.
  • Provide advice and guidance through the use of standardised materials to men wanting to start Sheds, by phone, email and in person.
  • Share knowledge and experience with existing Shed leaders to help them keep their Sheds thriving and continuously improve them for the benefit of their members’ wellbeing.

Support from Volunteer Ambassadors is designed in such a way to help new Shed leaders build capacity and feel empowered to be leaders themselves. One day, we hope they’ll become Volunteer Ambassadors in their own right and inspire future generations of Shed leaders.

We are currently recruiting Volunteers Ambassadors on an ongoing basis and matching them with future Shed leaders across the UK. If you are interested in either becoming an Ambassador or in receiving support through this programme please call 0300 772 9626 or email

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