Meet an Ambassador: Simon Rouse

Greetings fellow Shedders. 

I am Simon Rouse a retired Company CEO and Social Worker living in the town centre of Shrewsbury. I am a Trustee of Sansaw Men’s Shed, 8 miles north, and I’m currently leading the Steering Group looking to open the first Men’s Shed in our county town. This will be in disused stables on the West Midlands Showground right by the River Severn.

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In the news July 2021

Volunteers build greenhouse for hospital wards

Roger Daltrey from The Who officially opens new community shed in Mayfield – in pictures

The University of East Anglia to research into the benefit of Men’s Sheds

‘Shedders’ needed to take part in project looking at how ‘Men’s Sheds’ improve mental health

Ronseal teams up with Channel 4 to celebrate the Men’s Shed Association and the power of DIY in an emotional documentary

Community Project Targeting Isolation Receives Backing from Housebuilders

Men ‘gripped by loneliness’ during coronavirus pandemic

Young James completes his Inverurie running fundraiser

Meet our new Treasurer: David Webber

Hello I am David and I live in North Buckinghamshire with my wife, two terriers and, occasionally, adult children.

It is very exciting for me to join UK Men’s Sheds Association as Treasurer. Though I am a Chartered Accountant by training I like to think, as so many of us accountants do, that I can do so many more things than just maths and spreadsheets.

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Patron’s Corner – June

Hello everyone!  Well, it is the start of another week and I will, hopefully, be able to spend most of it in the workshop. I can’t quite remember if I shared with you all that my work is now for sale and exhibited in a gallery in our local town of Ashbourne, here in the Peak District. 

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