Let us know what you think of Ronseal!

Ronseal is a very proud sponsor of the Men’s Shed Association, and continues to be in 2022. In February, Ronseal will hold its annual conference which sets out plans for the coming year and shares them with the wider business. In order to shout about the work Ronseal and MSA are doing together and say why Ronseal will continue to support MSA, it’d be great to have some video footage from members talking about the difference Ronseal’s support has made to the shed environment, their work, what difference and meant it has to you etc?

We’d therefore really appreciate it if a number of members could film a short piece to camera, just on phones it’s great, talking about this, Ronseal as a brand and how you enjoy using the products.

Please email your short video to admin@ukmsa.org.uk, or WhatsApp your video to Laura Winkley on 07763 021018.

Thank you very much for your help!

Wellbeing in Men’s Sheds

We have become aware of some Sheds experiencing disquiet and agitation for a while now following Sheds reopening. We have spoken at length with some Shed Leaders on this subject and feel that one thing we could do to help is provide you with some messaging that could go on your walls if you feel it is helpful.

We recognise people have been on their own during lockdowns and being in a social Shed setting may subconsciously be a challenge. It is also an uncertain time for many with the Government’s Plan B coming in to force in England and other preventative measures being put in to place in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. This is compounded by discussions on whether Shedders should wear masks in the Shed or have vaccines, etc. There is perhaps a Covid Blues and it is not necessarily the case in all Sheds, but it is being reported to us.

In most of the cases we have heard about it is helpful if people can reflect and we will also look to see if there is something we can do around mindfulness in the new year.

This may not be useful for you particularly, but hopefully it will help some.

Season’s greetings and best wishes,

Charlie Bethel

Sheds Wellbeing Posters

Talking about Positive Mental Health

Join Dr Alastair Dobbin, Feeling Good co-founder, as he discusses men’s mental health with Charlie Bethel, Founder of the UK Men’s Sheds Movement.

On Tuesday 30th November at 3.30pm, you’re invited to be a part of the discussion between two men ‘shedding’ light on the origins of the Men’s Sheds Movement and how it supports men’s health and wellbeing.

With Charlie Bethel, UKMSA Chief Officer and Alastair Dobbin, GP and co-founder of the Feeling Good App.

Charlie is a strong supporter of the Paralympic Association, and Alastair is interested in how sports coaching techniques can be applied to everyday mental health. They will be discussing Resilience and Wellbeing and the issues that challenge and build men’s wellbeing. 

At the end of the session there will be time for questions and you will be given free access codes to the Feeling Good app. The app is also available on the Good Thinking London website for those living in London Boroughs.

You can book onto this FREE event at Eventbrite here.

After registering, you’ll receive a confirmation email containing more information about joining the online discussion.

A new lease of life for Port Men in Sheds

Port Men in Sheds in Ellesmere Port on the Wirral has been funded and run by Age UK for around 10 years, until August 2021, when all funding for the Shed was unfortunately stopped. Following this announcement in 2020, the Shed members had a difficult decision to make about whether the Shed might be able to continue to run without Age UK. 

In June 2020, in preparation for the end of the collaboration with Age UK, the first new committee member Zoom meeting took place, after the group had decided that the Shed would apply for a new charity status to replace the Age UK run project. This charity status was granted on the 1st September 2020 after lots of hard work by the committee members. 

After Age UK funding ceased at the end of August, The Port Men in Sheds proudly opened their doors on 1stSeptember 2021 as an independent charity, now run by its members with Mike Doherty, the former paid staff member from Age UK, supporting the project as a volunteer and trustee. 

The Shed is well equipped and is located in a large industrial unit with high rent and running costs. Even with the fees paid by the many Shed members and the money brought in by selling Shed made products, it was worked out that the monthly running costs would not be met. The Shed had reserves to keep running for a period of time but the members had resigned themselves to looking for a smaller, cheaper workspace come 2022. 

Recently though, the Port Men in Sheds have had some good news thanks again to the hard work of Mike and the committee members. 

In August 2021 Mike made contact with Stanlaw Abbey Development Trust and introduced the Shed as a new charity and service. Following this introduction, the trust sent two representatives to visit the Shed several times and to interview Mike at length. Mike was quizzed about all things Shed, with the topics of most interest being the range of services the Shed offered, how these services support local men, the building lease and the governance of the Shed.

Mike was then asked what the trust could do to support the Shed. And in Mike’s words, “I asked for a lot!”

The representatives agreed to progress the Shed’s case with their trustees, who then arranged a trustee visit to the Shed to see the services on offer and meet some of the members. 

A final meeting then took place where the great news was given that the trust was willing to offer funding which would guarantee the Shed’s costly lease and other costs until 2023! Mike recently appeared on BBC Radio Merseyside to talk about the Shed’s success.

The Shed offers a wide range of practical activities including woodworking, IT, a games room, music sessions and a gym area, all at the facility in Ellesmere Port. The Shed supports its community by completing projects for local schools, hospitals, care homes and other organisations. Some men just attend the Shed for a coffee, bacon butty and a chat. As one of their members said “The banter in the Shed is absolutely brilliant, especially when we go down for a tea break. Everybody’s having a good laugh and a joke”

The Shed is open five days a week and anyone over the age of 18 is welcome. As their website states “The idea of the Shed is to bring men from all walks of life together, in the hope of giving them a new lease of life.”

Win Donations with Easyfundraising

Fundraising website easyfundraising is giving good causes 1000s of opportunities to win donations this November. When anyone connected to your Shed plays Spin to Win, they could win you anything from 10p – £50 every day. One in ten people are guaranteed to win a donation for their good cause every day throughout November! Plus, they are also running a £15 bonus donation refer a friend scheme too! Make sure your Shed is registered with easyfundraising this month efraising.org/MD6SXG4UYV

Men’s Sheds all over the world

As we approach International Men’s Day on Friday 19th November, we were really excited to hear from Nigeria Mensshed Association, who have sent us this piece.

To improve the health and wellbeing of members means we have to task our selves, our bodies and ultimately our hands for the development of our environment and community.
“Mens sana in corpore sano” is latin for “Sound mind in a sound body” is our overall objective at Nigera Mensshed.
We see creativity and innovation as tools for development and us the medium of art as a vehicle for our promotional slogan “Skilful Hands Enterprise Development.”
Art is the only clean thing on earth, except for holiness!

A member busy setting up a tree nursery for plants to distribute to the local community, a maiden project initiative by Nigeria Mensshed.

Show that you care, be aware

Make sure for Movember that you are really aware,
Pass on this message to show that you care.

Its starts with a little fumble no one will know,
It could stop many problems that grow and grow.

Your life might have changed you thought its a mystery,
You kept waking every night wanting to Pee.

You just feel “oh well nothings wrong it must be just me”,
I will stop drinking after I`ve had my evening tea.

By self diagnosing Men feel it will go away,
But that`s where they are wrong don`t go astray.

Contact your doctor for a small blood test,
Nothing too major and all for the best.

If anything is found, things move fast,
Various treatments that positively will last.

Its best to get things sorted the sooner the better,
Don’t let Cancer be a massive spreader.

There are numerous individuals who have done all this,
Its definitely worth it so don’t give it a miss .

Be aware all this doesn’t happen individually overnight,
But its all worthwhile as the end soon comes in sight.

I share this knowledge because I have had that fiddle,
It was all worth it, otherwise I would not of written this riddle.

Ray Winder, North Walsham Men’s Shed and UKMSA Ambassador in Norfolk

More than 47,500 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year – that’s 129 men every day. Every 45 minutes one man dies from prostate cancer – that’s more than 11,500 men every year. 1 in 8 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. Around 400,000 men are living with and after prostate cancer.­– source Prostate Cancer UK

UK Men’s Shed’s Health and Wellbeing interviewed one of the foremost speakers on the subject of prostate cancer in the world– Professor Mark Emberton Dean at UCL Faculty of Medical Sciences. He was interviewed by Dr Chris Manning from our Health and Wellbeing Group. Follow this link to re-watch the interview, or to find out how to book your Shed a session with Prostate Cancer UK.

Remembering those we have lost

Halesworth has a Compassionate Communities Gathering which aims to bring together various groups in the town that provide some sort of support to people.  One of their ideas is to have a remembrance day in early December when wooden hearts that have been decorated and named by adults and children in remembrance of a lost person or pet will be displayed around the town either on railings or on small wooden trees in shop windows.  They asked Halesworth Men’s Shed to make the hearts for them.  We are also making the trees.  Our members have thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to support our community.

We initially produced around 260 hearts of varying sizes made from scraps of plywood that our members found in their own sheds.  Someone who saw them then asked for another 150 small hearts to give to school children.  You can watch a short video of the project here.  We’ve just has another request for even more and I get the feeling that this is not the end!  

Hearts are easy things to make from scrap wood, can be used at any time of the year, don’t take up much space to store and do wonders for a Shed’s image.  I hope that some of you will be able to support your communities in a similar way.

SBS Clockworks Project

Worthys Community Shed started out with just three members meeting each week in a Scout Hall. That was in September 2017, but we didn’t really get going until we were able to construct our own Shed / Workshop. We managed to purchase (for next to nothing) a sturdy Shed that had been used for a Fruit and Veg business within the car park of a local pub.  That building was dismantled and rebuilt in a plank by plank and screw by screw operation during the hot summer of 2018.

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