SBS Clockworks Project

Worthys Community Shed started out with just three members meeting each week in a Scout Hall. That was in September 2017, but we didn’t really get going until we were able to construct our own Shed / Workshop. We managed to purchase (for next to nothing) a sturdy Shed that had been used for a Fruit and Veg business within the car park of a local pub.  That building was dismantled and rebuilt in a plank by plank and screw by screw operation during the hot summer of 2018.

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Meet the Orcadians: Born 29 July 2015

It all started when a public meeting was called by Voluntary Action Orkney (VAO) to see if there was any interest in starting a Men’s Shed.  We were encouraged with over 50 people attending, we all listened to a great presentation from Dave Thomson from Westhill Men’s Shed, who pointed out some of the advantages which we all know and try to live by, i.e. looking after men’s health and wellbeing.

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Tea at Two

Quick announcement! Some of our team here at the UK Men’s Sheds Association (UKMSA) will be hosting a live session on the UKMSA Facebook group each week in an informal chat we’re calling ‘Tea at two’ on Thursdays starting on 7 October 2021.

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Urological Health Awareness Campaign 2021

We support the Urological Health campaign that launched on 20th September within the Guardian and online at https://bit.ly/3kQ59tU. Urological Health aimed to raise awareness of urological conditions like bladder incontinence, prostate cancer and male infertility, to raise awareness with people at-risk and better inform patients of the treatment options available. It featured insightful content from key thought leaders at the EAU, BAUS, Bladder & Bowel UK and the Urology Foundation, amongst others