What does my Men’s Shed mean to me?

Every year my wife goes to Scotland for a few weeks, before she goes she has to get some to help me as I have had three stokes since 1998, It was last July when I was allocated a new social worker and she asked me about my interests, I said to her I like Ruby and enjoy the company of my dog. She said” Have you heard of the men’s shed? 

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Renew Men’s Shed: Evolution

Renew Men’s shed (soon to be known as Swindon Men’s Shed) is a project of Renew Swindon and started in October 2017. Since returning from lockdown this year in May, the membership had reduced to a handful. However, by talking to agencies and social prescribers throughout the town, the shed membership is up to 18 and likely to be over 20 by the end of the year.

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