Heathfield Men’s Shed launches (and meets Roger Daltrey from ‘The Who’)!

Our story of creation has been one of ups and downs at times we thought we would never succeed at all! However, succeed we did and with funding from Age Concern Heathfield and District and various funding organisations, we are now the proud members of a fully-equipped wooden workshop building with an adjacent meeting room. It is also home to a smallholding of farm animals and a nursery for pre-school aged children.

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News from Tasmania!

Dear UK Shedders,

Greetings to you all from our tiny Island of Tasmania located almost at the bottom of the world – just under the mainland of Australia.  It’s a beautiful and diverse Island, which has similarities to England. Our population hovers at around 550,000.  However, following the arrival of Covid-19, Tasmania has become a very desirable place to live, being viewed as safe, with clean air and an abundance of fine local produce.  Many of our Sheds boast thriving community gardens.

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Men’s Sheds Exhibition at the Tetley

The Tetley is a pioneering centre for contemporary art located in the stunning art deco headquarters of the former Tetley Brewery. From the heart of Leeds South Bank, it creates a platform for amazing emerging artists, presenting breathtaking free exhibitions and helping communities in Leeds find their creative voice.

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Stress Awareness Month with Dr Chris Manning

I have just watched a tweet of a golden retriever eyeing Darth Vader warily on the TV it is watching. Increasingly stressed by the growing image of the cloaked and villainous spectre, it gives up to cower behind the sofa. That’s a healthy reaction and we share much of the same biology as that retriever. 

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Seven lockdown lessons

Living through lockdowns and the pandemic is stressful. When we’re stuck in our homes, unhelpful thoughts can set in. UK Men’s Sheds Association Trustee Chris Lee shares seven habits that have sustained his health and wellbeing in lockdown.

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From the new house!

Hello everyone and welcome to my first newsletter from our new house, in the Derbyshire Dales. The journey here has been stressful at times, for me, but totally worth all the graft in the long run. 

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