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Covid-19 Updates

The Nuffield Healthier Nation Index recently revealed that 47% of Britons were nervous about socialising again.

Shedders across the UK may be feeling some anxiety about returning to their Sheds as restrictions ease. On Friday 21 May we hosted a live discussion about out how Sheds have been coping over the last year, how to support your fellow Shedders, tips for easing anxiety, and more. Watch the video below to catch up!

latest covid guidance in your region 

Replay the Live Stream on ‘Getting Sheds Back to Business’

For more help with supporting Shedders with re-entry check out Engaging Men Earlier: the Samaritans Guide to Service Design

Need to speak to someone about re-entry anxiety?
Calm Helpline


Thanks to our Host UK Men’s Sheds Ambassador and Shedder from Frome Men’s Shed in Somerset, Patrick Abrahams, and our guests

  • Dez Williams, Shed Leader from Collingham & District Men’s Shed, Nottinghamshire
  • Simon Poole, Shedder and Development Officer for Men’s Sheds Cymru
  • Pete Jones, Mental Health Wellbeing Advocate for Men’s Sheds Cymru
  • Tony Smith-Crallan, Shed Leader for Silver’s Workshop, UKMSA Ambassador and Mental Health First Aider

Covid 19 – Return of the Shed 23 February 2021

Following the announcement of the British Government yesterday it was encouraging to see that community centres and therefore Sheds may re-open from around the 12th April.

Many Sheds in England are already operating to some level following the exemptions that the Government put in place for voluntary and charitable organisations.  This is not the same picture in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales; however we will remain watchful of developments.

Further detail is required to create a clear assessment and it might be that Sheds take a more cautious approach with the 12th April being a first milestone, followed by widening the accessibility to Sheds toward ‘a return to normal’ after 21st June.

Understandably these dates are reliant on certain measures being met, including the vaccine rollout and the avoidance of a third wave – but it is certainly encouraging and provides great hope for the unlocking of Sheds.

We have a number of resources available to Sheds on the UKMSA website and will be reviewing these as we receive further guidance.

Can our Men’s Shed refuse people who have not been vaccinated?

People are asking whether their Shed should or can refuse people to come into their Shed without a Covid-19 vaccine?  Perhaps the question is How do we open safely in an environment where not everyone will be vaccinated?

Stay safe, stay well.

Here is a great resource one of our readers sent in. The article is American in origin but contains some valuable online safety ideas Senior Citizens Online Safety Guide

Guidance for Men’s Sheds on unlocking Sheds 30 November 2020

There have been further updates from the government leading into December. Please download our latest advice on what courses of action are available to you as a Men’s Shed.

Lockdown in England is upon us again as of 5th November until at least 2nd December.  

This is sad news for Sheds who have been battling to get back.  But we are sure that all your efforts will be rewarded when you will be able to reopen again in the future.  

The guidance attached hopefully provides a picture of the current situation in the UK and some help when Sheds can once again re-open.  Here at UK Men’s Sheds Association, we are looking at ways to continue our support for Sheds and we have some great news on PPE to come out soon for when you can re-open or start that journey of reopening.

Stay safe and remember that this is so we can all meet up together again soon. Best Wishes

For resources to help your Shed and Shedders during lockdown as mentioned on our recent live chat ‘Let’s talk Lockdown’ click here

In partnership with other Shed Associations and Sheds, we have developed a collection of documents that can provide guidance to ensure your Shed is both legal and safe as you re-open. We constantly update this page.

How the new lockdown restrictions apply to you.

The government has introduced new lockdown rules, so we’ve made a document to help you make sense of how the rules apply to your Men’s Shed.

The lockdown restrictions vary across each nation. Check out our latest information from The Institute for Government to see how the Men’s Sheds in your region are affected.

Create a coronavirus NHS QR code for your Shed

Sheds are now required to have NHS QR codes displayed, so that visitors to the Shed can check in. This is to help trace and stop the spread of the virus. You can make your QR poster here on

Update guidance for Sheds in England

The government has updated guidance for community facilities in England. Read it here on

Thanks to Kelso Men’s Shed for this list of resources.

Guidance for unlocking sheds

Unlocking the Shed should be a useful supplement to the guidance from Public Health agencies and Governments. Click the boxes below to download resource packs.

Latest government advice on wearing masks for community centres and social clubs

Examples on reopening in a Community Centre

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