In partnership with other Shed Associations and Sheds, we have developed a collection of documents that can provide guidance to ensure your Shed is both legal and safe as you re-open. We constantly update this page.

How the new lockdown restrictions apply to you.

The government has introduced new lockdown rules, so we’ve made a document to help you make sense of how the rules apply to your Men’s Shed.

The lockdown restrictions vary across each nation. Check out our latest information from The Institute for Government to see how the Men’s Sheds in your region are affected.

Create a coronavirus NHS QR code for your Shed

Sheds are now required to have NHS QR codes displayed, so that visitors to the Shed can check in. This is to help trace and stop the spread of the virus. You can make your QR poster here on

Update guidance for Sheds in England

The government has updated guidance for community facilities in England. Read it here on

Thanks to Kelso Men’s Shed for this list of resources.

Guidance for unlocking sheds

Unlocking the Shed should be a useful supplement to the guidance from Public Health agencies and Governments. Click the boxes below to download resource packs.

Latest government advice on wearing masks for community centres and social clubs

Examples on reopening in a Community Centre

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