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The UK Men’s Sheds Association supports the growth and sustainability of men’s sheds across the UK and celebrates their achievements.

We thank you for your support in helping us on this mission!

22% of people are seeing their support network less

By supporting us and our work we can strengthen, open and promote more Sheds, and keep the networks thriving.

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How would you like to donate to UKMSA?

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How much would you like to donate?

  • £10

    £10 allows UK Men’s Sheds Association to be a first stop shop for families, the public and Sheds, offering support, guidance and signposting to services.

  • £20

    £20 produces guidance for Men’s Sheds and their members in subjects that include running a Shed, recruitment, prostate cancer awareness, suicide prevention, supporting people with dementia, etc.

  • £50

    £50 enables UKMSA to promote Men’s Sheds at a key exhibition or event in order to grow the number of people attending Sheds and the number of Men’s Sheds across the country.

  • £100

    £100 will support the recruitment, development and delivery of a Volunteer Ambassador who will support new, developing and existing Men’s Sheds across the United Kingdom.

How much would you like to donate?

  • £5 a month

    £5 a month will help people to forget about being lonely and to enjoy their lives.

  • £10 a month

    £10 a month allows us to support wellbeing and suicide prevention across Sheds.

  • £15 a month

    £15 a month will see more Sheds open adding years to life and life to their years.

  • £20 a month

    £20 a month will mean that one less person has to say - if only we had known about men's sheds our loved one would still be with us.

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Our fundraising promise:

We’ll use your donation responsibly to help grow the Men’s Sheds movement for the benefit of men’s health and wellbeing.

We’ll keep our administration costs to a minimum so that as much of the money donated to us is spent directly supporting Men’s Sheds.

We’ll never sell your contact details or pass them on for anything not required by law, and we’ll always adhere to legislation around the use of data.

If you give us your contact details, we’ll want to say thank you and let you know about our developments, but if you ask us not to contact you, we never will.

We’ll always work hard to exceed best practice standards for fundraising set by regulatory bodies.

I’d like to thank Men’s Sheds for giving me my Dad back

Feeling alone, for the longest time in his life, he has found a new purpose in life. Dad truly is my hero. – Sam

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