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How long will it take?

The length of time it takes to start a Shed depends on many factors including where you live, how hard it is to find premises, the interest level of people and the other commitments of those doing the start-up work. We know of Sheds that have set up in two months and some in two years. The important thing is to stay motivated and persevere, because it can always happen if you keep at it.

UK Men’s Sheds Association

Becoming a member of UKMSA means becoming part of a support network that spans the UK. You’ll get dedicated, priority support from our Membership and Support Officer and any volunteer ambassador in your area. You’ll also benefit from all of the resources you need to develop and sustain a thriving Men’s Shed, have voting rights at our General Meetings, and a whole load of exclusive benefits including discounted tools and equipment. You’ll have 24 hour access to our online Member’s Area where you’ll find information, examples, easy-to-use templates and print ready promotional material. We’ll guide you through the processes of membership, fundraising, becoming a charity, health and safety, getting planning permission to build your own Shed and much more. If all of that isn’t enough, you get full access to Toolcycle, our tools, equipment and materials exchange and donate platform. It’s just £24 per year to be a member, which we bet you’ll save in discounts alone. Find out more here.

Further Reading

Once you’re up and running, take a look through our Resource Library and get involved in our Online Community to connect with Shedders across the country.


Starting a Shed Checklist (docx) [rescue_spacing size=”8px”]
Men assembling a wood frame. Happy Shedding!

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