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Men’s Sheds are kitted out community spaces where men can enjoy practical hobbies.

They’re about making friends, learning and sharing skills. Many guys come just for the tea and banter – everyone’s welcome.

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Inclusion on this map this is a free service offered to all Men’s (& Commmunity) Sheds in the UK, Isle of Man & Channel Islands to publicise the existence of the Shed.    Inclusion does not imply the Shed is a Member of UKMSA or any other organisation

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If you cannot find a local Shed on the map, perhaps it’s time you started one!

We offer support, guides and resources to get you started opening your very own Shed.

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If your Shed details need updating or you have noticed incorrect information, please contact us at

Regional Shed Networks

A Regional Shed Network is a group of Sheds located in a geographical area of their own definition that connect and support each other. Regional Shed Networks champion partnership and communication among Sheds, and can be a great way to amplify the voice of local Sheds as a collective. Interested in starting or joining a Regional Shed Network? We have plenty of information.

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