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    About Me I single Asperger symptoms I have no motor skills own age 20 Age 29 years old I was born 21-03-1990 I had rubbish starting life but keep me going is my family I big family Man love all good years I biggest thankfully mother is legend always fighting because allotted said to me I wouldn’t Walking talking or writing They told be wheelchair rest of my life and not with it mother so cars everything The social psychiatrist and was 6 years first school mainstream school I got bullied allotted of time badly bullied them sun don’t shine another little school really good school Parkside School for use to playing cricket and IT OCR 3 English 3 Maths 3 History 3 College living skill photography Computer City and guilds Duke of Edinburgh award camp trip survival Skills first job 13 newspapers boy 19 Assist between RSPCA then Opening doors Shed the gardening Centre now Tuesday club working Wednesday gateway the Thursday 2 evening time Asperger East Anglian Men’s Shed level upper last special needs have Asperger Syndrome I get very nervous I talked when I am nervous forget to breathing When was 12 years old I had back problems I had ingrown hair little boy heal still lifting carefully I will saying I love holiday sitting lounge watching cricket Good watching it love summer season cricket go back and watching it love tea ear hole drink coffee sometimes not big lover coffee no sugar Sweet another the ginger nut biscuits I love Tea rooms Cafe I love have game rounders few of guys too lots team rounders emperor and juggling the scoring two ball different teams Love squash and water drinks juice I love fizzy drinks my favourite food good old dominos pizza 2 for 19.99 plus a side every last month I have really bad temper I hate it I go as rocket if know then because Staying at home allotted if there because not good mood health issues pain killers or the spray my spine I love movies Computing gadget I am a king Of nerds enjoy good games bad losers very repetitive gaming movies One thing love to do is making men Cricket wall as like at Wymondham brunch I moving Idea you guys the new place making like to big place paint three stripes White paint three post and one the top as making cricket on brick ball and softball tennis ball soft baseball bat rounders spare time if nice day Big Sport person love sports

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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