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    Street Men’s Shed

    At the Street shed in Somerset, we have been trying to find out what we need to do to allow visually impaired people to safely use our shed.
    We are working with the Somerset Sight charity and would like to know how many sheds have members with sight loss and if you do how do you manage their issues in the shed.

    Any help or information will be gratefully received.


    This is something that would be of wider interest to all Sheds across UK. I’ll contact the UKMSA Health & Wellbeing team to see if they have any insights. But feel free to contact me directly at paul.egerton@ukmsa.org.uk to chat offline. Cannot promise a solution, but lets at least ask some questions and see what gets thrown up.


    There are a number of sources which can be drawn upon, but the Macular Society have offered me a couple of fact sheets which if you email me as above, I’ll willingly share.

    Other suggestions. The obvious one is to have a discussion and see what is possible for the Shed member. Light is of critical importance for someone with sight loss and the provision of extra lighting may help. If sight loss is so bad, it may be necessary for the members to have a work buddy but that will depend upon individual circumstance. if a buddy is appointed, it will be a long-term commitment so its important that the person committing to fulfil this role both understands and accepts this responsibility.

    At Shed Fest 2019, the Blind Woodturner, Chris Fisher, gave an enlightened talk and demonstration. He is totally blind! Watching some of his clips on YouTube might provide you with some clues as to how this skill was mastered despite being blind.

    Sight loss is an area where expertise if it exists has not been documented. The Health and Wellbeing Committee will try and pull something together and publish it on the UKMSA website. But if you have some insights that you think we ought to know about, please do share them.

    Paul Egerton
    Health & Wellbeing Committee

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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