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    Hello Shedders,
    I am part of the New Milton Med Shed (Hants) group. We are fairly new but doing O.K.
    I have offered to research a F/B page but some members are cautious about the idea.
    What we want is a secure page, where we can just advertise ourselves (e.mail address, map etc) and post photographs showing our achievements and interesting things along the way.
    It is proposed that we have a small number to care for and update the page and do not want to have outside comments added. Just what we agree on.
    How do we go about it, please?

    5 Sheds

    Hi I found this which might help

    “There are three types of groups on Facebook: public, closed, and secret. Public groups are basically general admission. Everyone can find and view the group without needing approval to join.

    Closed groups are more exclusive. Like public groups, everyone can search for and view the name, description and member list of a closed group. But users can’t view the group’s content until they become a member. To join a closed group you have to be approved by an administrator or invited by a current member.

    Secret groups offer the same level of privacy as closed groups under a cloak of invisibility. No one can search for secret groups or request to join them. The only way to get in is to know someone who can invite you. Everything shared in a secret group is visible only to its members.”

    Source here

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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