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    Sheds often take space at Farmers markets, but what other novel means of fund raising have Sheds undertaken as annual one-offs, or perhaps more regular events.

    Our Shed takes a stand at the local annual Parish Carnival in June, but in 2019, we are also going to be going to a community event which looks to be raising money for Birmingham Children’s Hospital. In addition, by working with the local Tesco Community Champion, we have been offered space within the store entrance for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and just before Christmas.


    I’m going to approach the church that is providing our shed venue, and asking if we can hire the church hall a couple of times a year, so we can sell items that have been made, raising funds that way. I’m also looking into taking a market stall once a month. Our local authority, Sefton, operate a number of market venues around the Borough. Once the insurance is in place, the cost of a stall isn’t astronomical, this may be a way to go.


    Good luck with the market stall. What insurance do you need beyond public liability insurance?

    Eddy Flynn

    At Bootle tool shed we’re very lucky to have our own shop attached to our workshop as we’re located in a shopping centre.

    Brian Sketchley

    We are based near Chesterfield and try to attend lots of local events, Carnivals, Fun Days, Village Fates etc. We had a stall on Chesterfields main market on May Day (Organised by various trade unions etc) and made aroun £95 selling a range of hand made products. Most of these events will let you have a table for around £10, May Day was £20. We also display items in our local Community Centre.

    Grassmoor & Hasland Men in Sheds


    Did anybody else receive an alert saying the following? It doesn’t appear to be in the Forum. Any ideas why?

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    5 Sheds

    It was a spam post which was deleted along with the poster’s fake account. We get them occasionally.

    edit to add:

    Getting back on topic I hear Peter from the new Bradford on Avon Men’s Shed will be spending next week at Longleat crushing 2 tonnes of apples using his hand built wooden mill and oak presses. Profit from juice sales will go to the Shed.

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    5 Sheds

    Well done to the Beer Men’s Shed in East Devon who raised £13,000 for their new workshop through crowd funding in just two months.

    News story here.

    Laura Winkley

    Hi everyone!
    Just a quick heads up to say that we have partnered with a fundraising website called easyfundraising! Look out for more info on social and emails and if you want to sign up click our unique link here: https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/mens-shed
    It takes a couple of minutes to sign up and it’s totally free for you & your Shedders to use.
    To find out more about how easyfundraising can help your Shed raise donations, simply by shopping online, read our article here – https://menssheds.org.uk/2019/11/29/win-a-50-donation-for-your-shed/.
    Happy fundraising!

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