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    I am a member of Men’s Group in Leamington Spa called “Mancraft”. This has about 4 members and meets once a week on Friday afternoons in a local Community Centre. The room is free as is membership.
    We mostly make plastic aeroplanes – Airfix and the like. We have done a few other activities but now seem stuck in a rut just making kits. I would like to do other different things a la Men’s Sheds but don’t know how to move on.
    It would be great to amalgamate or relaunch as a Men Shed venue. Advice please?

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    The first thing would be to find premises or space which can accommodate a shed set up, you’ll need at least storage for tools and equipment and this can be difficult in a shared space used at other times by other groups.

    It might be worth calling an open meeting to see if others are interested. Advertise locally with flyers and leaflets and enlist the help of the local newspaper. See if you can get a free meeting room.

    Visit a few of sheds nearby (Coventry, Rugby, Stratfor Upon Avon and Bishops Itchington) contact details on find a shed page here.

    There are a lot of resource in our members area (Resource library: Start a Shed for example) and you can always contact Laura (admin@ukmsa.org.uk) for further advice and help.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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