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    Hi All. I’m keen to get shedding but sadly still working as a school technician so I may only be along in school hols, until I retire. I am on pension and still enjoy the routine and identity and income that a job provides.
    I think the shed movement is a brilliant idea. Having visited old folks homes in my youth I always thought there should be a workroom for those that enjoy being creative. Studio space for artists and sculptors and moderate workshop facilities for the carpenters and engineers. This shedding seems to fill the gap provided you can escape the home. I helped my twins on the duke of Edinburghs scheme to fix trellis to a wall at an old folks home where they were doing up the garden. The b***a**ds wouldn’t let me out! Thought I was a resident. I was quite shocked.
    I donated a band saw to the local shed, so I’m supporting when I can.
    Presently I’m a physics Technician in St Albans school. Prior to that I was Design Tech Technician at a major private school. I’ve done all sorts of things through my career so I have a wide range of skills. Cars, bikes, domestic appliances electronic instruments, plumbery, woodwork and metalwork. I like tinkering, making things work, designing and building gadgets.(both my loft ladders are automated and raise and lower on motors culled from door openers) Playing trains and Scalextric. Collecting old things and science equipment.Reading and a wide musical interest.
    Sadly I’m desperately untidy. My shed is full. Both lofts are full. The garage is full. I have many unusual bikes and trikes that I don’t use enough.
    Looking forward to attending the local shed when I can and I may move in when retirement arrives in a year or 2.
    Married. Twin boys of almost 19, one at Herts Uni the other in IT support. 3 older children from a previous existence that are grown up and have families. Presently in West Herts area but hope to move away from commuterland SOON.


    Welcome aboard PB, you can never have enough Sheds, I have 3 and a garage, all bursting with hobbies and stuff that will come in useful sometime.
    Never pass a Skip without checking its contents.

    Kind regards,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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