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    I’m a complete novice trying to make a website for our new shed. Can anyone give me any help please?


    It all depends how simple or otherwise you want to make it – I’ve been writing website code for over 20 years, using Notepad, which makes for simple web pages that do exactly what I want.
    Most of the “free website” providers have their own WYSIWYG editors where you “drag and drop” the components where you want to see them on the screen
    I’ll paste in links to a couple of them for you to have a look – and a link to one of my “home brew” websites – HTH – Richard


    I would like to copy the themes, colours and format of the UK Mens Shed Association website, in order to follow the lead and show our membership, etc. I have permission.

    I’m only looking for a one or two pager site.

    I’ve downloaded the code and hacked it with Notepad but there’s a load of stuff in there, and I think I’ve already broken some of it.


    You may think you got all the source code, but there will most likely be lots of associated files (Javascript and CSS etc) which will also be needed to make the original UKMSA code work properly.

    If you already hacked the code, without being very familiar with HTML and website structure, then that may have been a mistake.

    I have taken over a few websites originally compiled by others, and it was a hard, long, tedious job every time, to edit the code and end up with a good looking website that is user friendly and easy to navigate.

    It is always easier to start from scratch, with maybe a few screen shots of websites that you like, for guidance.

    If you want to emulate the UKMSA website, you need to find out the name of the website host company, the editor used, and which template (if any) was used.


    Hi Richard. How do you start out with a website from scratch please?
    I’m using Notepad.


    hi Andy – it might be easier if I knock up a simple page for you…. have you registered a domain name?
    if not I recommend easily.co.uk as they have good prices and easy ways to manage toe domain once you have it
    Also, if you want to write and maintain the website yourself, you will not only need to learn HTML, but you will also need to be comfortable using a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) program such as Filezilla.

    The page I have started for our local Mens Shed shows here:- http://www.warehamshed.org.uk/
    – but is actually uploaded to a private folder within an existing website that I look after
    (settings on easily.co.uk mean that only the “public” website address can be seen)

    If you’d like that arrangement, it might be easier if we communicate directly – if you use the “Contact Us” link on our “Grumpy Old Gits” website (grumpiest in UK) then we can switch to emails. Just mark the message FAO Richard.


    We in the Black Isle Men’s Shed have used a service called Spanglefish to create the site at http://bimshed.uk

    There is a free version (with adverts) or an ad free paid for version which is about £30 per year.

    Although you have to work within a fixed template it is reasonably ‘customisable’ and really simple to use with enough built in tools to most things needed. Support is good as well.

    No – I am not on commission!

    Their site is at


    Happy to answer any questions.


    I used Joomla for the ShedQuarters Maesteg site:


    Also made a Facebook page, but the site is more adaptable:

    ShedQuarters Facebook

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    Well in the end I continued using Notepad. I crafted it from hand and learned HTML and CSS and all the other stuff. You can see the results at http://www.holsworthymensshed.org.uk.

    Thanks to everyone for your help and suggestions.


    Hello fixit9660..

    When I opted for the Spanglefish solution one of the key factors in that decision was that ongoing site updating could be undertaken by just about anybody after an hour or two of instruction. Please don’t take it personally but I have seen too many ‘hand crafted’ sites which have fallen into disrepair because the original author has moved on/lost interest etc and left a pile of HTML which nobody can understand. That applies not just to hand coded sites but also to sites developed in WordPress and other platforms touted as being simple to understand. No solution is perfect – Spanglefish suits the need in most areas and for £30 a year, ye cannae whack it (as we say in Scotland).

    Like it or not I suspect that we are all at the stage where we need to be thinking of succession planning – I frequently look at the site and the related functions and think ‘what would happen if I went under a bus tomorrow’!

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    With regards to the Gadgee post above….

    I chose Joomla for the same reason, I didn’t want to have to do everything myself, once the structure of the site was set.

    I can set members at different security levels, depending on their competence, but, although there are several who said they would create articles, only our chairman regularly posts. So I am still doing the main work.

    We have a shed full of technophobes or men unwilling to learn anything new, most haven’t even got a smart phone and those that do only use it as a telephone. I suppose that is the nature of men’s sheds that have a membership mainly over 65, most over 70, in our case.

    Joomla also has the most free extensions for jazzing up the site.



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    Kia ora, greetings from New Zealand.
    Our national website at menzshed.org.nz runs on WordPress. It was built by another sheddie, but I do the majority of updates and creation of new pages and content now. It works well for us.
    I created a site for my home shed on the platform three years ago, but let it die. The reason was that I could see from the stats that the shed page on the national site was getting more hits that the specific site.
    Regards, Roger


    If you want something uncomplicated that’s free, consider using WordPress.com. I took on our Shed website a few weeks ago, and have quickly built a few pages. Yes, its devoid of whizzy gimmicks, but we don’t need that as we just need something that tells potential funders and supporters who we are and what we do. Through experimentation, I have managed to add a couple of “Widgets” to the front welcome page which links to our Shed Twitter and Facebook pages. If I want to add extra features, I have to purchase it, but so far, the only outlay has been to purchase a domain name which fits out Shed’s name and where we are located.

    We are found at https://westbletchleyshed.org


    I can help you.

    I am an enthusiastic amateur web developer with some experience with WordPress and Drupal. These are both Web Content Management systems which are ideal for building dynamic websites that authorised users (i.e. shed members) can maintain and update with no special skills. I would not recommend that you try to build a static website with just HTML.

    I belong to the Dalbeattie Men’s Shed in SW Scotland and made their website with Drupal. I have also built a website at Sandes Ancestry which is a family history website and I taught another man to build this website at Colvend Community Council.

    I will happily help you with a website for your shed at no cost at all. You will only have to pay for the domain name (e.g. myshedname.com) about £10.00 per year and hosting costs about £5.00 per month.

    You can contact me at michael@sandes.uk

    Michael Sandes

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