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    We are the Men & Boys Coalition; a network of organisations, academics, journalists, professionals and leaders committed to highlighting and taking action on the gender-specific issues that affect men and boys.


    Should you be looking for partners for help in setting up a shed or help with sustaining an existing one then you may not be aware that UKMSA is a member of Men and Boys Coalition and you may find a suitable partner for developing your shed here outside the usual suspects like AgeUK etc. who can help in identifying local needs and remedying the discrimination against men and boys.

    Members of the Coalition share the aims of:

    Highlighting and tackling issues where the needs of men and boys are unmet
    Highlighting and tackling the circumstances where the victims of unfair discrimination are men and boys
    Helping create positive and constructive public discussion about men, manhood and masculinity

    The Coalition will act as a vehicle to promote a year-round focus on these broad aims beyond their current focus on International Men’s Day. Issues that are of particular concern to the Coalition include (in no particular order):

    The high male suicide rate
    The challenges faced by boys and men at all stages of education including attainment
    Men’s health, shorter life expectancy and workplace deaths
    The challenges faced by the most marginalised men and boys in society (for instance, homeless men, boys in care and the high rate of male deaths in custody)
    Male victims of violence, including sexual violence
    The challenges faced by men as parents, particularly new fathers and separated fathers
    Male victims and survivors of sexual abuse, rape, sexual exploitation, domestic abuse, forced marriage, honour-based crime, stalking and slavery
    The negative portrayal of men, boys and fathers

    Good Luck.

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