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    Over 20 years ago I bought a house and came with it was a small 6 by 4 shed. For the first few years I ignored it ( I was/still am a gamer, a tech guy, a fully qualified spark ). But maybe after 3 years or so I slowly took an interest in slapping a few pallets together, acquiring a few more tools and before you know it I needed an extension.

    The second shed I got was a bit of a failure, It cost me £550 and it was a flat pack jobbie, and lasted me maybe 5 years before I had to take it down.

    Then I thought I’m going to build one, one from the ground up , no machinery just me and my shovel. It measures 24 ft by 12 ( I wanted bigger but the dam man hole stopped me going longer ) Its sort of a tech shed where I can make things from scrap wood but the geek in me made me stick a smart screen tv in it with wifi and an old dolby surround system in it. I also ply lined and insulated it and installed a lovely little wood burner I made from a gas bottle.

    I would love to show you many of my projects I have made since then, but more than most I would love to learn more.

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