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    I have searched Google for a men’s shed photography group. In our shed, ShedQuarters, we have already had a couple of photo challenges. Members were given a theme and time limit to email their photos to me their photos, I checked their EXIF data to ensure they were photos produced after the challenge was set.

    This worked really well, members that I didn’t expect, came up some some quality pics:

    Urban Landscape


    I would like to extend this to sheds in the whole of the UK, using a Flickr Group. The reason for Flickr is that the EXIF data is there for everyone to see, no-one can present a photo from their archive or scan one from an old photo magazine.

    I have set up a Flickr Group as a test, but I don’t mind if someone else wants to take the lead and produce one, if you want to be an admin on the group I created, no problem.

    Flickr Group

    The main aim is to get men out taking photos now and sharing what they produce in a group, is anyone interested?

    Mark 07896 621429

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    sharing photo



    There seems to be an issue with Flickr Groups right now ….. so will look later….



    To Fick 1995 ….. I can’t see your photo in the Flickr PLUMS group. You may be able to see it but if you haven’t made the photo public in your own Flickr account, no-one else will see it. You have to go to Camera Roll to make your photos public as the default upload is private (locked).


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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