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    I have been looking at using one of the recycled plastic boards you can now get for roofs on nest boxes or bird tables as it is long lasting. Have been looking at Ecoply (see or Stokboard (see
    Does anyone have any experience of using them?
    Does anyone have any cheaper sources for these? For a 12mm thick sheet they start at about £50+VAT+Delivery for a 1.2 x 2.4m sheet – which is too big for an experiment anyway.
    These plastic sheets seem to me to be more sustainable than typical plywood; my experience of ‘recycled’ plywood sheets is they are in too poor condition to make much with them.

    Amersham Shed


    Hi John,

    We should have taken this bilaterally as I might have a solution.

    In our Shed, we have taken to using shiplap fencing cut to size as it is already pressure treated and lasts. For our bird tables, we did initially cover the roof with felt but it didn’t look quite right so we have now gone to the shiplap solution which will require planing along the top edge to get the pieces to butt up together nicely to make a water-tight seal. In addition, we have also used this solution on our wishing well planters but also use a water-based preservative to not only offer the product in a range of colours, but it also provides extra durability as it has to sit out in gardens in all weathers. I’ll send you a picture – its not that good a one, but it will illustrate.

    As a Shed, we have taken a decision not to use plastic for anything unless absolutely necessary.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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