Restoring wooden workbenches to full function with dogs or pegs

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    Here at Wareham Area Men’s Shed, we are presently using facilities provided by local authorities.
    We have a workshop with 3 wooden carpentry workbenches that have taken some hard wear over the years.
    I have replaced missing wooden “handles” for the wooden vices (12″ of broomstick and a couple of wooden knobs each)
    But… our main problem is clamping down planks etc so we can saw them easily – at the moment we have to gather round and hold the pieces of wood by hand, or hold them upright in the vices, which is far from ideal.
    <b>The workbenches are so thick that we cannot use G clamps.</b>
    And… we believe that we need to find/make “dogs” to fit into the rectangular holes in the top of the work surfaces.
    I have found reference to “dogs” and “pegs” within listings for carpentry workbenches on Ebay, but nobody seems to supply spare dogs or pegs!
    So you can see what I mean (and the rectangular holes for dogs or pegs) I have uploaded a photo of 2 of the benches here:-

    Any help or advice gratefully received – many thanks – richard

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