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    Hi fellow Shedders,

    One of the things I do outside of the Shed, is to volunteer with the Friends of Milton Keynes Hospital taking a trolley around the wards so that patients can purchase newspapers, soft drinks, crisps, sweets or indeed any toiletries that they may have forgotten to bring into hospital. The trolley is on its last legs and it may not be that long before it falls apart.

    What we need is a new trolley constructed in steel with multiple shelves. I have pictures of the existing trolley which I can supply so that an idea is formed of the sort of thing that is required. Might a Shed be up to make something like this? If so, please send me a message to my email box – and we can take the conversation offline.

    Paul Egerton
    Shed Secretary, Men in Sheds West Bletchley

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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