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    We in Buckingham have a Facebook group that is open for anyone to join. We use it for posting events (usually selling events), maintaining a gallery of our products and posting up-to-date pictures to keep the group ‘fresh’. Does anyone else make use of social media? Any hints and tips?


    Hi Andy and welcome to the UKMSA Forum. We in West Bletchley use Social Media mainly to publicise what we are doing/events we are attending/or simply just to offer a new product or say something about another we are in the process of making.

    The important thing is to keep it simple but snappy and importantly, relevant. I’ve found that a good picture is essential. As to products, the Shed website is probably the best forum for that, so just provide a link in your social media post.



    I designed a noticeboard style site from the Joomla framework. It is much more flexible than Facebook as any member can submit articles, it shows our constitution, events and accounts. We still use Facebook for instant what’s going on stuff, but link to our main site for articles.

    Our website

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    Having recently attended one of Milton Keynes Council’s excellent adult education one-day courses on writing your own (Free) website using WordPress. I’m currently adding material as I have time, but it is fairly flexible and has the ability to grow possibly into a paid website as time goes by.


    Kia ora, greetings from NZ.
    I have joined this forum to gain experience, because a forum was suggested for NZ sheddies as an additional service to our closed Facebook group.
    I doubt many sheddies use FB – NZ anyway. Our national closed group has just 90 members after a year of operation.
    My home shed with a small membership of 13 has 3 members that use FB regularly. The shed has a FB presence and it is a great way to keep in touch with other groups in the community that use FB. We also have a few ladies in the community who follow the posts, and we all know what great supporters they are of our movement.


    Hi NZ, good to hear from the other side of the planet.

    Many Sheds in the UK are lucky if they have in excess of 20 members, but we grow organically and use many mediums to reach our audience. I know that our Facebook feed is read by quite a few who are not members of the Shed but are nonetheless, supporters of what we are doing so I don’t block out friends just hope that they will be encouraged to come along.

    What I have noticed is that Twitter especially is beginning to be an organ for expressing political views which I think is sad and not right as that should be kept personal and out of Sheds. We should be talking about issues about what matter to Sheds not Brexit or stuff like that.

    If you are lucky enough to have someone who can put together a social media presence it is good, but I’m advocating that there should be an “Idiots Guide” for want of some better words, that tells others how to take this forward in the event that the current webmaster is unable to do so as that has been the fall down point of so many Shed attempts at social media.


    I agree that it is sad to see Sheds’ social media accounts being used to propagate political messages, especially hateful ones. Sheds that have Charitable status are obliged by charity to confine their political activities to issues that are relevant to their charitable objectives. In all cases, it must surely be apparent that political divisiveness can only alienate potential members and damage the reputation of the Men’s Shed movement.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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