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    Good Morning All,

    My name is Tom, 31 years of age and born/bred in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK. I’ve recently completed my Master’s Degree and now have some time for myself, alongside work/career progression. I will confess, I’m currently not a member of a local mens shed but like the idea and community from it.

    We have two sheds at home, one small which is for tools from our old allotment, lovely clad one and nearly new.

    However, the main one is a 7ft length and 5ft width clad one too, which is over 10 years old, my Dad (former builder by trade) got it off a friend for the price of a bottle of wine!! It arrived on a pick up truck with man power, setup in our yard for a few years.

    When time permitted, we cleared the designated space and moved it up, it had caught some damp but we repaired it with new cladding, painted inside and out, then some new felt on the roof, plus a piece of perspex to replace the broken glass window. It’s as good as new and solid too!!!

    Due to the area we live in, security has been a big measure, fencing and security spikes, alongside rigid warning signs and fake CCTV with dummy wires/fittings. Believe it or not, 5 doors up had there shed broken into and the measure the theives went to, cutting through a gate, then fencing on the side was unreal. Just recently, the bungalows behind us, the two homes have a back gate for access to both, this was nearly ripped off and individual spotted on a bungalow roof looking over. Over the years, neighbours clamatis has grown over and bramble from next door, which has blocked the view and makes it even more difficult to climb over. I’ve just ordered a replacement Solar Security light, which the last one was fantastic.

    Instead of wattling on, The big shed is now being converted into a artist studio alongside a place to chill out and store my fishing gear too. I’ve got a little repairing for the floor, while more paint and brand new carpet tiles to be put down, I’ve been given a gas heater with a bottle, plus I have my camping stove etc…

    I just need some advice regarding lighting, as I bought two of those solar powered ones and their not brilliant, I’ve seen solar panels but a bit too much for me, I’ve been thinking of a strong camping light instead?

    All help and advice taken, thank you for your time reading this here.

    Warmest Regards



    Be very careful about using GAS Heaters/cookers in a closed environment or you could wake up NOT!.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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