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    hi Andy – it might be easier if I knock up a simple page for you…. have you registered a domain name?
    if not I recommend easily.co.uk as they have good prices and easy ways to manage toe domain once you have it
    Also, if you want to write and maintain the website yourself, you will not only need to learn HTML, but you will also need to be comfortable using a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) program such as Filezilla.

    The page I have started for our local Mens Shed shows here:- http://www.warehamshed.org.uk/
    – but is actually uploaded to a private folder within an existing website that I look after
    (settings on easily.co.uk mean that only the “public” website address can be seen)

    If you’d like that arrangement, it might be easier if we communicate directly – if you use the “Contact Us” link on our “Grumpy Old Gits” website (grumpiest in UK) then we can switch to emails. Just mark the message FAO Richard.

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    You may think you got all the source code, but there will most likely be lots of associated files (Javascript and CSS etc) which will also be needed to make the original UKMSA code work properly.

    If you already hacked the code, without being very familiar with HTML and website structure, then that may have been a mistake.

    I have taken over a few websites originally compiled by others, and it was a hard, long, tedious job every time, to edit the code and end up with a good looking website that is user friendly and easy to navigate.

    It is always easier to start from scratch, with maybe a few screen shots of websites that you like, for guidance.

    If you want to emulate the UKMSA website, you need to find out the name of the website host company, the editor used, and which template (if any) was used.

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    It all depends how simple or otherwise you want to make it – I’ve been writing website code for over 20 years, using Notepad, which makes for simple web pages that do exactly what I want.
    Most of the “free website” providers have their own WYSIWYG editors where you “drag and drop” the components where you want to see them on the screen
    I’ll paste in links to a couple of them for you to have a look – and a link to one of my “home brew” websites – HTH – Richard

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