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From time to time UKMSA are contacted by various production companies who are looking for individuals to take part, in particular either men, makers, or both.

See below for any current opportunities we’ve been contacted about.

Flabbergast TV

Flabbergast TV are looking for amateur crafters for a new TV series which will air on a major UK channel. Ideally, we’re looking for anyone who has a talent and passion for their craft and does it as a hobby but has been thinking of turning it into a business. We are looking to cover the following crafts: art, basketmaking, blacksmithing, furniture making, glassblowing, jewellery making, pottery, sewing, stone masonry, textile weaving, upcycling, willow sculpting, wood work.

We have a group of experts and mentors who can guide them through the process and the series will follow that journey. We’re hoping to shine a light on talented people who just need a hand taking their hobby to the next level.

If it’s of interest, drop an email for more info:


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