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Published 20 September 2021

We give notice of the Annual General Meeting of the UK Men’s Sheds Association.The meeting will take place on WEDNESDAY 3 NOVEMBER, 2021 at 6:30 PM 

The agenda, minutes and reports will be available on the UK Men’s Sheds Association website at least one month prior to the meeting together with details on how to register.

Member Sheds may make motions for the meeting with reference to the constitution. In order to safeguard members and avoid unnecessary risks, the meeting will be conducted online. We look forward to seeing you there.

– The Trustees

Message from the Chief Officer

We would of course like to hold the AGM as an in-person meeting. This is very important, as is the need to get a wide number of Sheds attending the meeting.

The AGM is a formal meeting and requires only discussion on the agenda items and it is important that a quorate number of Sheds are in attendance. This number (as of today) is 42 Sheds.

This number might increase or decrease – but is a number that must be present at the meeting either in person or by proxy. In the planning of the AGM in the past, a quorate meeting has been achieved by hosting the meeting alongside another event such as ShedFest.

There is no such event planned to link it to, and whilst one could be created – the Trustees were unsure it would attract the number required. Secondly, when planning for the AGM the Trustees felt that members and legally UKMSA require certainty.

The AGM must be held within a certain timeframe and time must also be given to prepare accounts and other relevant papers. As such certainty of planning a meeting is more prudent online at a time when restrictions for groups could be put back at short notice. We hope they are not, but it is prudent to plan for the worst.

The trustees have discussed, moving forward that we find a hybrid to both engage as many Sheds as possible in meetings to be as democratic as possible and to allow for a flow of discussion – which did to a great extent take place at the last AGM online.

Some other things to consider is the number of Sheds required for a quorate meeting is higher than in previous years due to growth, The last AGM had a very wide reach across the UK including members from all home countries registered and staying online, for now, is a course of action also adopted by other charities including the National Trust. Feel free to call me for clarity on any of these points. Thank you

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