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Published 4 January 2021

UK Men’s Sheds Association are going online with the Annual General Meeting! As you can imagine this will result in some things being a little different in terms how we will run the meeting.  We will still run through the same agenda and reports, however voting and asking questions will be a little different.  

By going on line however we hope that the AGM will be more accessible to more Sheds, particularly those that have been unable to attend meetings in recent years in Worcester.

Who can attend?

All members can attend the Annual General Meeting, however only one representative per paid up member Shed is allowed a vote.  UKMSA are also required to meet a level of quoracy for the meeting to take place. So priority will be given to a representative of each Shed first and we encourage you to attend if you can.  

If you are unable to make the meeting you can still ‘attend’ by providing a proxy nomination either to the Chairman or someone else attending the meeting (see Attending by Proxy below).

How to join

As a result of going online we will be asking people to pre-register for the AGM in order to receive the link to Zoom.  On pre-registering you will receive a link to the AGM.  

To register email with the subject line AGM.  You will then receive your confirmation link.

If you do not have a Zoom account you can sign up for one for free and will need to download the app on to your computer, tablet or phone.  It is also possible to dial in on your telephone for the meeting, however if using a telephone there will be costs for the telephone call. 

Attending by proxy

If your Shed cannot attend in person, but would like to give your proxy for your Shed to the chairman or another person attending this is also possible. Doing this is really helpful to enable the meeting to meet Quoracy so it can proceed.

A proxy form is available on request by emailing   This must be submitted by 5pm on Tuesday 12th January, 2021.

Papers for the AGM

All papers for the AGM will be posted on the UKMSA website.

How will the meeting work?

The AGM is a formal meeting and requires votes and at places provides the opportunity for members to ask questions.  To enable this to work on Zoom we will ask for the protocol below to be followed.  This will also be explained at the beginning of the meeting.

Registering prior to the meeting.

The Zoom room will be open from 4.40pm.  A roll call will be asked for and each eligible voting member will be asked to state their Shed name in the CHAT function on Zoom.  This will enable us to know who is represented and check all Sheds are on the membership list.

Asking a question.

At appropriate times in the meeting questions may be asked.  To do this we ask people message in CHAT with the word ‘Question’ and then the name of their Shed.  This allows us to keep a record and manage the correct order of questions from people.


If you have a vote with the name of the Shed and the vote as either Yes or No.  You would repeat this if you hold a proxy with the name of each Shed you represent.

We recognise this might seem a little confusing but we will take people through each step during the meeting.

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

Best wishes,

The Trustees

You will need to log on to your account to access all AGM PDF papers click the button below to download:

  • AGM Protocol
  • AGM Agenda
  • AGM 2020 Proxy Form
  • AGM Minutes 3 September 2019
  • UK Men’s Sheds Association 2020 Final Report

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